Effects in FCPX – Splitscreen effect

Using CrumplePop Effects

There are all sorts of extra third party Final Cut Pro X effects you can get to use in Final Cut Pro X and I found this one for free which lets you easily divide the screen up and have simultaneous things happening on the one time line, You could have a video clip running in the left side of the screen and two more video clips in playing in other boxes on the other side of the screen. In this demonstration I use one that splits the screen into three parts like that, but there are other configurations that you can make also. The TV series ’24’ did something like that to show the story where it was overlapping and was a great visual effect. You can do similar effects in Final Cut Pro X too.

When you are making YouTube video and you want it to be interesting and get more downloads then something like this could be what makes you stand out from the crowd. One of the important tricks of getting the attention of your viewers is to make the first 15 seconds of the video to be engaging to the audience. So why not tell the story in this way or use a picture in picture effect to get your message across. There are loads of other things you could try and the more creative you can be the better.

Get creative with video effects

You don’t have to use a third party effect to do this, you could also split the screen up by arranging clips on the timeline and using the scaling tools along with the cropping tool to get them where thy have to be. If you want to get even more creative still, then perhaps looking into how you can do the same in Motion 5 would be a brilliant idea too. Motion doesn’t have to only be used for making lower thirds, even though Motion 5 does a great job of it. Getting things to move around the screen and be interesting will help make your video interesting and more likely to get shared and hit the holy grail of being a YouTube viral video.

Effects in Final Cut Pro X

It has been a long time since final cut 7 and longer since final cut pro 5. I have never even heard of final pro or final pro cut or video pro x. So what can you make of that? Let’s make a video for youtube with final cut pro effects or better still use final cut pro x effects. We could do a green screen video or do some splitting of the screen into parts. Have fun with Final Cut Pro effects and learn to make your own in Motion 5. Free effects in Final Cut Pro X are available from 3rd party suppliers like CrumplePop and CoreMelt.

final cut pro effects and final cut pro x effects can be made in Motion 5 have a look at the videos on the Wizardgold Channel on YouTube