Making videos with Final Cut Pro X – Video for YouTube

Getting started making a video for YouTube

If you haven’t made a video before and you’re just getting started with video making you might wonder what it is that you need to do to make a YouTube video. Fortunately if you want to make videos for YouTube, these days quite often you will have the tools that you need at hand. With your Mac you can start by recording yourself using the iSight camera and editing the movie using iMovie. I would recommend that you get an external microphone, even if it is only a cheap microphone for your YouTube make a video session. The internal microphone will still work, but it will sound as though you are far away and a little tinny. Do remember when you are making a YouTube video that having good sound is very important.

Making videos for YouTube with your camera phone

The trend with phones is to have smart phones that are also cameras and quite often these cameras will also do video. It is quite easy for you to make a YouTube video using this mobile technology. Of course my favourite phone is the iPhone and the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S do have a good video camera included. There is absolutely no reason why you could not make a video for YouTube with your Android phone or your other smart phone.

Blair Witch Project Type Vomit Inducing Camerawork

With the wide-angle lens that you have on phone cameras, it is easy for you to record yourself and make a video blog which is known as a vlogging. Sometimes when you make videos for YouTube in this fashion and you’re moving around then you might get too much video camera movement and end up with something that looks like it is from the ‘Blair Witch Project’. You might get away with that when you’re making a video for YouTube, if the video is short. You would certainly need to make sure that your YouTube video is interesting so that your viewers will continue watching through this vomit inducing type of camera work. As you can tell, I’m not too fond of the shaky cam style of video photography. If you have a tripod, and you should have one, then why not use it?

You can make a YouTube video today

The first thing to do when you’re making a YouTube video is to have some ideas of what you want to present in your video. What is the story you want to tell? It might be a good idea not to be too serious, as it seems that the best performing viral videos on YouTube tend to be the silliest. It used to be that the most popular videos were the ones where the guy got kicked in the balls and now it is likely to be a parent filming a baby doing something funny but cute. What it really comes down to with making a video that is successful and engages the audience is a subject matter that will twist of the emotions in some way or other. If you can make somebody truly laugh or cry, feel happy or feel sad with a story then you might have a viral video on your hands.

Making youtube videos is fun, so lets get to it and see what we can come up with. Youtube to video is when you want to have a hard copy of a video you like off  YouTube. It can be a little difficult to download youtube videos sometimes, but it can be done. You can get into Motion 5 and making video effects. Will you be making a video for YouTube? Check out a YouTube tutorial.