Costa Brava Tales

Early morning at the campsite

Another sunny day after a few days of rain and storms so it is summer again at the campsite. Usual start the day with people running to the shop to buy bread and croissants. Other people just running, going for their early morning run. One or two people having to get up and go to work, poor souls! No one seems to be venturing out yet this morning to go and take a dip in the sea. The customer who was doing that every morning went home last week. One or two customers for the bar restaurant coming off the beach in the morning to have a morning cup of coffee. There is one woman who is quite old and has a dog also quite old comes in most days.

Computer problems

The computer that was the server broke down yesterday and we had to do check ins using pen and pieces of paper. There’s going to be a lot of work in reception this morning to catch up with some of the new customers arriving since yesterday afternoon.

Tranquil and easy going

There’s a couple of female customers quite close to the reception who always seem to be cleaning. If they are not cleaning their own campervan or caravans they go and clean the caravan belonging to their children. It seems to be a female thing and the older ladies get even more into making sure everything is clean all of the time. The same can’t be said in terms of cleanliness for the young people of whatever gender. We get to groups of young ones here and they leave the campsite in a mess when they go. Quite often there will be groups of boys and the whole of the area around the tent is a complete pigsty and you have to wonder if that’s the way they live back at home. Or does it have something to do with the smells of herbal smoke you often get in the area where the young ones are. Smoking spliffs, A bottle of beer in the other hand and not giving a damn about whatever around them.

Motorbike and sidecar

Interesting bike here now, a BMW Boxer twin with a modern sidecar and also pulling a trailer. The trailer turns into a tent like the trailer tents you usually see behind a car, but narrower and generally smaller.

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