Good and Geeky Money 

The good and geeky way with money.

I bought another bitcoin as it is my way of saving. In the past I have bought a bitcoins at under €100 per bitcoin and I have managed to sell at €800 per bitcoin. For the latest bitcoin I paid nearly €260 and one day later they value of bitcoin is down by €10. I’m not worried about it as I am looking at it on the long term. I expect to sell these bitcoins I have at the moment in four years time to pay for the new car. The value of the bitcoins will have gone up considerably by that time and I will have extra money to upgrade the car to something better. It would be lovely if I could buy an electric car and be even geekier than I am already. I’m expecting that the price of the batteries for the electric cars will have reduced a lot by the time I will be getting a new car and it will make the electric car much more affordable. I will be thankful to Elon musk of the Tesla car company for producing batteries in huge quantities and therefore bringing the price down with the economy of scale. I’m also expecting in four years time there will be more chargers available making it easier to travel long distances with electric vehicles.

Who knows what’s going to happen with money around the world and how bitcoin fares as an electronic currency. It seems to me that bitcoin does have some sort of a future and will be around for some time to come. If the value of the currency jumps like it did when it went up to €800 per bitcoin, I might be tempted to sell as soon as it hits that high point. The currency is quite volatile and that’s what makes it interesting and worth speculating with.


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