Dave Brown Mac20Q Podcast 9

Click on the picture to listen to Pocast

Click on the picture to listen to Pocast

Had a really enjoyable chat with Dave Brown from Adelaide in Australia. Dave produces the Australian Mac site and has made podcasts, screencasts, funny video’s starring parrots and is a hero to possums.

I had thought that Second life was for messing about and was more of a game but Dave uses it in a very educational way. He tells me about it in the podcast. I am tempted now to have another look at it.

Favourite iPhone app is Koipond. He is an aficionado of the Mac application Mac Speech. I should have know because in the email he sent to me after I first made contact there was a voice note in it rather than text. I will have to have a look at that too.

Dave frequents the Pussycat club on the British Mac site. I checked in there myself and I can attest that it is a good place to visit. I suggest the forum is a good place to hang out.

We talked about may things Mac and I just know you are going to love listening to the podcast. I think Dave must live out in the bush with all of the animals about the place. The Wood duck, possum, parrots that poo on the computers. It is a tough existence being a Mac in Dave’s house.

Here is a video of unusual Mac users.


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