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Just visited the Pussycat club that is the British Mac podcast by Will Green. Not a lot of news in the period covered by the podcast so the content was thin in the Mac end of the wedge.
Nothing wrong with putting in other items to entertain though if there is a gap in the news.
Talking of News, Don McAllister thinks we are due for an announcement from Apple. I didn’t see what he thought might be coming in his posts from the Twitterverse.


I will probably record an interview today, different in that it will be face to face with a local Mac user and a female. The lesser spotted female Mac user will be able to give me an idea if the Mac has a feminine side or not.
Dave Brown, from Australia, Paul Shadwell who lives in Switzerland, Alvaro Monoz-Aycuens from Madrid, Allison Sheridan in the USA and the MacMommy also USa have said that they will tell me their deepest darkest secrets about how they use the Mac on a daily basis.
Rob Hanson who recently was on the Nosillacast will be talking soon about how he helps people switch to the Mac from Windows.

So you can see that I have a busy time ahead over the next couple of weeks. I will need extra space on Libsyn for all of these podcasts.

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