Dealing with photographs on the iPad or photo editing for free

Photo editing for free

There isn’t an iPhoto application on the iPad and while it might be nice to have iPhoto for iPad, we have to ask do we really need it. There are available a number of iPad applications that do allow you to edit and adjust your photos, you don’t necessarily need to look for a free photo editing online application. For a start off, the cameras on the iPad to are not particularly good, so it is not likely that you’re going to take many photographs with your iPad. Consequently the photos that you do have on there will be adequately served by the use of the Photo Roll and you will be able to use applications such as ArtStudio or PS Express to do some photo editing for free.

What is so bad about the Photos App

The photos app in iOS5 is actually not that bad. I can see all of the photos in my Photo Stream. I have the ability to use faces and places and any of the settings that I have made in my iPhoto app on my Mac are reflected in the photo app on the iPad. So if you have spent a good deal of time to name all of the faces in your photos, then you will be able to use that information also within the iPad application. I can see all of the albums that I have created in the iPhoto app on my iMac. It is even possible to have a slideshow with transitions and you can have it play music.

photo editing for free

Photo editing for free on the iPad

When I first looked at the app that is pictured above I had to look a few times to work out what it was supposed to be. I think that I am not so keen on the idea of having it look like there is a photo in the bottom of a developing tray. I would expect that the younger crowd would have no idea what a developing tray would look like in the first place. What we need is an app to edit photos on iPad or even inexpensive iPad apps for photographers that does the business and looks good and doesn’t look stupid. What do you think? Should you pay for an app or can you get good results photo editing for free?