Is there a Final Cut trial?

Final cut trial

Yes there is a Final Cut Trial !

I am a recent convert to Final Cut Pro X and before that I was using Final Cut Express. I know that some of the professionals in the movie business, might be complaining about some of the features that are missing in the latest version of Final Cut. For me though, as with many users of Final Cut Pro X, I’m finding that the ease of use of this new movie editing software from Apple, is much better than it was with Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro Studio. I bought Final Cut Pro X through the Mac App Store and if you want to find out if there is a Final Cut trial then you should go and look at the Apple website. I recommend that you should buy your software, now that it is of a reasonable price for what it is. The old version of Final Cut was coming in at around about $1000 so to be able to buy it for the price it now is in the Mac App Store, why would you be looking for a Final Cut Studio torrent? Find out more about how I use Final Cut Pro X on the VideoMagical web site.

Final Cut Pro and plugins

With Final Cut Pro X you can use Final Cut Pro plugins, the one that I have looked at is called FX Factory. This set of Final Cut Pro plugins comes with one or two free plug-ins and it also gives you the option to buy some of the paid for plug-ins. In the use that I’ve made of Final Cut so far, I have not needed to buy any of the plug-ins and it is interesting to note that some of the plug-ins become available also in Pixelmator 2 the graphics software. I used to make use of the drop shadow plug-in in the previous version of Pixelmator. In the latest version drop shadows are built-in.

Final cut pro plugins

Are you serious? Final Cut for Windows

Final Cut for Windows, this is a search term that gets searched for, fairly regularly online, probably in Microsoft Explorer browsers by numbskulls that think that Mac software will work on Windows computers. Once you have been using Mac software like OSX Lion and Mac computers and get to enjoy the ease of use and the power that is available within the applications. You quickly realise that the only way to use Final Cut is on a Mac. There will never be a FInal Cut Pro for Windows. Even the latest Mac Mini’s will run Final Cut X, so the entry price level to have a Mac computer and the best software is not terribly high. You might also look at the iMac which is also an excellent computer. If you are stuck on a Windows computer, then you might like to try Adobe Premiere. I think you may find this more successful than using Windows Movie Maker. (Poor Sods)

iMovie vs Final Cut Pro X – Final Cut Trial

The latest versions of iMovie are not that bad at all. Even though there is not the traditional timeline, it is easy-to-use and quite powerful in its own right. Obviously if you go for the Final Cut Pro X you are going to have access to many more features and you’ll need to spend a bit of time learning how to access them. Fortunately there are a number of tutorials online and you can get some of them for free. Of the free versions of tutorials, I would highly recommend Izzy Video. You can if you wish pay for and download the series, so that you can watch them and use the included tutorial files. It only costs $37 to do that, but you can also watch them all for free in the web browser. That is the way that I have watched these videos and I have learnt quite a few neat little tricks that I haven’t picked up on, in other tutorials.

Final Cut Pro X Quick Tip

When you are learning to use Mac Final Cut Pro X, with your Final Cut Trial then it is a good idea to learn as many of the keyboard shortcuts as possible. You may like to write these on a post-it note or two and put in front of you while you are learning. One of the shortcut keys that I noticed in the tutorials by Izzy video was the F key. By hitting F when selecting sections of your clips to include in your timeline, the clips selected is marked as a favourite. This is very useful for when you want to go back into looking at your clips to see which parts you liked and thought you might use. By using this shortcut key it will save you from having to search again to find the parts of the clips that you liked, because you have already marked them in the clip selection area.


Favourite those clips in Final Cut Pro X