Digital Audio Recording Applications For iPad

In the range of audio iPad apps we have some simple audio note takers available, then there are the specific audio note taking programs or portable digital audio recorder apps for iPad, that allow you to also write at the same time as you take audio notes. The iPad is great to use as an audio sound recorder and good for taking audio memos. Another type of the iPad audio recording applications such as Sound cloud which are for music and of course we should not forget apps like Garageband which can be used for music and also for recording podcasts. There are even mini DAW Digital audio Workstations which will do just about everything you need with audio files, from recording to editing.

Other applications that can record audio such as Evernote, allow you to insert an audio note in with the regular written notes that you put into the application. One other type of application is the social type of audio recording application which records sound and also puts it online so it can be downloaded within the social network applications. AudioBoo is one such application.

  • Simple audio recording
  • Synchronised Audio and typed or written notes
  • Audio apps designed for musicians
  • Podcasting Application
  • Social Network biased audio recorders digital for iPad

SoundNote2SoundNote – iPad Voice Audio Recorder

You could buy yourself an mini audio recorder application such as SoundNote and it is a good way to take notes in lectures, meetings or during an interview, tracking what you type and draw at the same time as recording your audio. The good thing about an application like this is that when you are looking at your notes later, during play back, if you tap on a word within the document, SoundNote will go directly to the proper time in the audio. Obviously that makes the link between the audio and what you write perfect for your lecture note taking, so that the sound you have recorded will refer to the note you took at that exact time. The developers of this audio recording application for iPad and other iOS devices also claim it is good if you fall asleep in class, you’re actually still recording at the same time as you are snoring. You are able to tap on a note that you wrote while you were still awake and SoundNote will play the audio that will allow you to work out what was said when you were asleep.

For journalists with iPad audio apps, if you missed an important detail in an interview, you don’t have to skim all through the recording to find out what it was that you missed. All you need to do is to tap a word in a simple audio recorder, from that part of the interview and you will have the audio played back to you, so that you can be reminded of that specific point.

Fortunately the sound is recorded in the audio digital recorder in a M4a format which is highly compressed so that one hour of high quality audio will only take up about 25 MB of space. Seems to be a very useful application for iPad audio recording.

Best Microphone To Use For iPad Audio Recording

There is a microphone in the iPad that you can use with iPad audio recording, which is okay but I think you will find that an external microphone such as the iRig microphone that is available to be externally connected to the iPad will work much better and give you a clearer audio sound. I actually use the microphone from my iPhone headset to record audio. It is good for iPad audio recording as I have the mic close to my mouth. If you want more of an ambient recording or to use when the speaker is more of a distance away from the iPad microphone then you will be better with a good microphone like the iRig. I have tried iPad USB audio by connecting my microphones to the iPad using the camera connection kit which has a usb connection. First time I tried it worked but then there was an update to the iOS that broke that and I never have been able to use it again.


DictamusIn the Apple store there is an iPad audio recorder software application called Dictamus Free and Dictamus Pro which allow you to record and also to rewind and overwrite to let you insert anywhere within your recording more sound bites. If you’ve made a mistake while recording the audio it can be quite useful to be able to rewind and to record over the top of the part where you made a mistake. You may download these recordings and you are able to send them out as files or upload to your Dropbox account.

With the application name being Dictamus you would think that it is perhaps an application that will convert speech into editable text, but if you want to do that you will need to get Dragon Dictate which is an excellent audio recording application that really is specifically designed to convert audio into text.

Dictamus is an application like some other applications that has a voice activated sound recording function and that allows the iPad to record audio more efficiently, so that you are not left with large empty spaces in your audio file with no sound.

AudioNote – notepad and voice recorder

This is another digital voice recorder / audio sound recorder application that will record the notes and audio within the note taking application. AudioNote iPad automatically links your meetings, lectures and study notes that you make, this makes a direct link to the point where there was some audio recorded. Tap the note and you can instantly hear what was recorded at that time. If you didn’t take any written or typed notes during the meeting you can still add the notes later if you want to. When you play back the audio you’ll see that your text and drawings will be highlighted during the playback helping you to remember the context of the note.


Using an application like AudioNote to record during a language lesson, for example you might be learning Spanish, lets you make a note about a specific word and then you can hear that word being spoken by your language teacher and you will be able to relive the Spanish lesson at a later time. You are able to use a pen mode for making drawings or doing some handwriting type of notes or you can use the keyboard to type in some notes. Go directly to a specific part of the audio by tapping on a piece of text or a drawing. If you tap and hold then it will go to 10 seconds prior to that note and play. When you have finished recording you can export your notes and audio through e-mail or over Wi-Fi and from the iPad you can also send it out through iTunes. An excellent use of a voice audio recorder app on the iPad.

There are other audio recording utilities that are specific there is one called Internet browser and audio recorder which has a browser that has recording facilities so that you can make audio notes what you’re looking at the webpages. Then we have another one called castor which is a mobile studio for podcast this and that will be specific to were creating podcasts.

Caster – for podcasting


Caster is a multitrack recording and editing podcast making application and has all sorts of extra facilities such as audio normalisation and there is a way form a survey included within the application fee free version has ever think that the pro version has it is a limited to 3 min of recording. Caster will also produce the RSS it requires you to build to have your podcast uploaded to a server and available for download by your podcast listeners.

If you would like a an audio recorder digital application that is a bit more towards entertainment and you are a Star Trek fan then the Captains Log is a simple voice recorder and it resembles the pad and device from the original Star Trek series. The application stores each recording with a start date a date and a brief description. Sometimes you have to have a little bit of fun while you are recording audio.


NoteMinder has a unique selling proposition, that it is the reminder application that allows you to take your audio notes while you’re driving or other times when is it difficult or unsafe for you to type a message. Just open application and start taking a note in NoteMinder. The application is designed with simplicity in mind and is not complicated to use at all. Considering the fact that NoteMinder is very simplistic in its facilities, it might be a little bit expensive at £1.99 to buy the application.

Audio memos 2 – the voice recorder

AudioMemos2In the top features of Audio Memos 2 you can adjust the quality of the sound to suit what type of audio you are recording, the sound once recorded is loud, specially amplified, so that you are able to hear it better. The sound level might also depend on microphone that you use. Another good feature of Audio Memos 2 is the ability to do background recording. So with this application you can do swap to a different application on your iPad or iPhone and then continue making voice in recordings. That would be also useful if you wanted to surf to a website and make audio notes on what you were looking at.

Audio Memos 2 has some reasonable standard features, but they try to get more money out of you after you spend the 69p to buy the application, by selling you in app purchases. So you have to pay an extra £6.99 if you wanted all extensions or you can buy the extensions on a per extension basis. Extensions such as voice activation for 69 pence, compress recording at £1.49 and so on. I suggest that you price all the in app purchases that you would expect to want to use and to compare the full price of the application with those extras added, to other applications that perhaps could work out cheaper and have all of the facilities that you require already included.

Getting the Best Audio Recorder Software for Your iPad

You might even consider that there are a couple of portable audio recorder iPad applications that do what you want to do and use one application for instance recording notes while you are web surfing and then use a different application to be able to make written notes or drawn notes at the same time as you record the voice with the iPad voice recorder. There is no reason why you should not use several apps for different tasks if the price is right. So the best audio recorder for iPad could actually be a set of digital recorder audio iPad applications that for separate jobs do what you need.