iPad Business Uses – Office Apps for iPad and Remote Control of Office Computer

What are the best iPad apps for business? I would think that a good start with getting some business software for iPad would be to buy some Apple business software such as Keynote and Pages for the iPad, so that at least the user would be one to start with using the iPad for business presentations and document creation.
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Pages the word processor from Apple is more than a word processor in as much as it is almost a desktop publishing application, so it can be used just for word processing where a businessman or woman could use it to turn ideas into text or business documents. And it can also be used to create fancy looking documents that can be dispersed wherever these documents have to go to. Pages is always in the list of top iPad business apps, when you are using ipad for business.


Keynote the presentation software for Apple is much better in terms of facilities and capabilities than the presentation software from Microsoft which many businesses often use because they know no better. Keynote can be used to make some extremely fancy business presentations that will look impressive in the board room, or in any sort of meeting.

Of course, of all the iPad business applications the Numbers application will be popular due to the fact that businesses often need to deal with numbers and statistics and have charts which demonstrate what is happening with those numbers. iPad uses for business often revolve around the office style of working and there are one or two office suite type of iPad applications. In the list of best business apps in the Apple iPad store there are applications such as Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite for iPad and Office HD, to name a couple of them. To a certain extent this does not really show the full capabilities of what can be done with an iPad.

One thing that might make those office sort of applications become more useful is when iCloud and iOS 5become available in the autumn of 2011 and there is the ability to work on the iPad with Apple business applications for iPad while you are out in the field, and then when you return to the office that document is going to be at the same state and ready for further working or finishing off on the office computer also.

There is another class of iPad apps for business which is very popular for iPad and business use and those are the applications which allow you to manage your desktop machine whether it be a Mac or a Windows computer from a distance. Applications such as iTap RDP will give you complete control and fast access to your Windows desktop from wherever you are. You can manage your Windows desktop from your iPad, although that would seem rather weird.

Windows on iPad

Logmein ignition

The popular application for controlling a Mac from a distance is called LogMeIn Ignition. You are able to control either a Mac or a PC from a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, so you might perhaps be sitting on the sofa, travelling on a train or even in an aeroplane with Wi-Fi, which would let you connect to your home computer or your office computer from your iPad.

So there we have two main cases for iPad business use, one is where you are using office applications to create documents or to read documents while you are away from the office. The other use case for using the iPad in business is to be able to control your office computer over Wi-Fi from your iPad even though you could be in a different country or travelling on a train. See what your colleagues are using to get ideas for the best iPad business apps.

Although those two main uses are excellent ideas for how you could use an iPad for business use, there are more interesting possibilities when you consider that applications can be created specifically for a business, and can really emphatically enhance a business workflow by providing special capabilities and facilities for the business man or woman. There seems to be no end of bespoke iPad business applications being created and we will see more iPad uses for business.

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