Downloading iOS 11 Public Beta 7

Yet another update to iOS 11 public beta

The latest version of the iOS 11 public beta has been working pretty well. I only had to do one reboot to sort out a problem with the keyboard not showing up with the public beta version 6. I’m so pleased to be using iOS 11 rather than iOS 10 on the iPad. The dock at the bottom of the screen is magnificent. The split screening and the drag-and-drop between two split screens is pretty good too. I just got my hands on beta version of an application called Shelf this allows you to put items of data onto the shelf to save for later. It’s like a visual version of the application Copied. I’d be able to get back to previously copied items which are kept within the application and use them again. With the application Shelf it’s a case of dragging items in and being able to put them in other places at will later.

iOS 11 beta 7

This iOS 11 public beta seven was only download of 54 MB, so it was pretty small. It seemed to be taking longer to do the preparation of the update than it took to download. I’m getting the feeling we must be getting pretty close to the release date for the GM version. We could be getting close enough to a final version of iOS 11 I could even consider putting it on to my iPhone. I’ve also been thinking about whether I should put the High Sierra onto the Mac. I probably won’t do that because I want to do a full clean install of the new operating system and that’s going to take me some time to get everything just right. It’s going to involve having numerous backups so I don’t lose any data. I especially need to be careful of taking care of my crypto currencies. I wouldn’t like to lose any of that money. I could send it off to a different wallet away from my computer and bring it back again. There would be a small cost involved in moving the money from one place to another but it could be worth having the peace of mind. The last time I did a clean install I should have made a note of where I ran into small problems. Like making sure I had a full copy of TextExpander snippets as well as all the data from one password and utilities like Hazel. The system I work with at the moment is quite well customised after being used for a couple of years.

As I’m writing this the update to iOS 11 public beta 7 was verified and it’s going through the process now of installing. The version 5 of the public beta wasn’t particularly good and I’m hoping that he doesn’t go a bit funny seeing as I’m working with another odd number. I haven’t heard any reports from other people who have been testing iOS 11 on their iPad devices during the last couple of operating system updates.