SuperTab 3 Mac Automation

I Do Love Automation On The Mac

As a part of SuperTab 3 Mac Automation – I use a number of tools on my Mac for automation. The most used tool would be the DragonDictate application which gives me excellent dictation capabilities. I never have to write anything with the keyboard if I don’t want to. I use Keyboard Maestro which is like Automator from Apple in some ways, but I find works much better. I can string together a number of actions and get things done with all sorts of applications on my Mac. Then there is Hazel which I mostly use for keeping my desktop clean and the trash folder kept to a manageable size. It also has excellent tools for renaming files automatically. Any files I drag to a specific folder get automatically renamed and moved to where I really want them. Hazel has a number of tricks up her sleeve and is well worth having on your Mac to let the computer do the work instead of you doing things manually. Another utility I rather like is SuperTab. I think in the first instance I got it within a bundle and it was worth trying out. There has just been an upgrade to the application to version 3. The upgrade only cost me three dollars and it would have been crazy not to get the latest version. Let’s have a look at what else can be done with SuperTab 3 Mac Automation.

SuperTab 3 Mac Automation

Upgrading to SuperTab 3 Mac Automation

I went to the website after receiving an email to tell me about the upgrade. I used the link to the page for the upgrade and followed the instructions. There were supposedly just a couple of steps to get the job done. The first step was a button entitled Register and this took me to PayPal to purchase the SuperTab 3 registration code. I did that and was expecting to get an email with a new serial code for the application. That didn’t arrive as expected, but in any case I went with the next step which was to download SuperTab 3. Usual story, once downloaded double click on the DMG file and double-click on the icon to install.

Not as smooth as it should have been

The file I had downloaded and installed gave me SuperTab 3 but the registration wasn’t completed. The final part of registration was to enter the registration code. I hadn’t received the registration code and so I had to go to the help section on the website. Something had gone wrong somewhere in the upgrade process, but I wasn’t particularly worried anyway. For a start off, it was only $2.99 and secondly I expected the developers to help out pretty soon anyway. I sent an email to them via the form on the website. Within 20 minutes I had the registration code which I put into the application and I was up and running.

Is it a mega upgrade with 14 major features and improvements?

Item Name Overlays

The first of the new features is the Item Name Overlays. This put a name on top of the icon so they can visually make much more sense when you’re looking at your SuperTab rows. The names show up on the files, folders, websites, Windows, clipboards and display configurations. This is generally quite helpful because instead of looking at a whole row of icons which are all the same and only give you a clue when you mouse over the top of them, you have some names.

SuperTab 3 Working with Multi-Monitors

I have an extra monitor alongside by 2017 27 inch top of the range iMac and it’ll be handy to have the option to see SuperTab on the secondary monitor as well. I usually get SuperTab up on screen by using the Command Tab keyboard combination. I’ll have to give it a try with the mouse activation using a hot corner. I can now specify if I want to just on the main monitor or on all of the monitors. With the keyboard activation you can set it so that it’s always on the main monitor, on the monitor with the active menubar or on the monitor where the cursor is. I find the quickest way to get SuperTab on the screen is to do a double tap on the Command key.

Application Badging

The badges you get as notifications from applications are now viewable from within SuperTab. So on the Mail icon for example you’ll see the badge showing how many emails you have waiting for you. Or with Calendar it has a badge there if you have events to be notified of.

A view into the Calendar

Instead of having to open up your calendar there is a row available with Calendar access. Set a date range of just today, three, five days, the workweek or the entire week. If you hover your mouse over the top of one of these calendar events you’ll get more information from that event. Not only can you see these events in SuperTab 3 there’s also the option to do various things. Open it, delete it, copy the event notes, open any URLs found in the event and send emails to the organiser, attendees or any email address found in the event. For those of you who use the Calendar app a lot the quick access to the Calendar events could be very useful indeed.

The Usefulness of SuperTab 3

There’s a whole lot of great features previously available in the application before the latest upgrade. You have the Voice Control and Clutter Free Folders in SuperTab 3 Mac Automation. Then you have the clipboard history and the ability to set a row to show just pictures in clipboard history. Use SuperTab 3 to quickly get at specific folders and it can be faster than opening up the finder. I like having quick access to the screenshots I don’t have to remember specific keyboard combinations to get to something I don’t use very often such as the time delay on a window screenshot. I only have to use the keyboard shortcut I’ve setup which is Command =. I can choose whichever screenshot type I want. The screenshot is saved into a specific folder and I use Hazel to rename it. I could also set it so that the new screenshot will open up in a specific application so for example I could do some markup on top of the photo.

Renaming in Hazel
SuperTab 3 Mac Automation

With the clutter free folders I can set it so that after a certain number of days files in a folder will get moved somewhere else. That’s something I can also do with Hazel, but it’s nice to have multiple ways of doing things. There’s loads of different things I can do with any of the items within the Rows of SuperTab 3. SuperTab 3 Mac Automation taken to the next level. After I’ve found what I was looking for within SuperTab I have a number of choices to play with. It’s worth spending the time to click on all buttons and try right clicking to get extra options in SuperTab 3. That way your find any hidden gems and get even more automation from the utility.

Have a look at the preferences and decide upon some hot corners for your SuperTab 3 Mac Automation. If I put the cursor into the top right-hand corner of the screen that will activate SuperTab. If I move the cursor to the bottom right-hand corner it activates voice control. If you don’t have Dragon dictation software on your computer then using the voice control can be very handy. SuperTab 3 A utility worth having. What do you think of SuperTab 3 Mac Automation?