Dragon Anywhere Problems

I’ve just managed to buy a subscription for the Dragon Anywhere product. It starts with a seven day trial version and then after that it works out at €12 per month. For my next trick I’ll have to get the application onto the iPhone. This is a bit difficult because it’s not available in the Spanish App Store. I have to get into an English/UK account I have, if I want to get the latest version of the Dragon Anywhere application. I do have a version of Dragon Anywhere in iTunes because I was able to download it previously. It’s just that I’m not sure if it is completely up-to-date or not. (Probably not…) I’m installing it on the iPhone as I write this, so I have my fingers crossed. It’s taking a very long time to do a backup of the iPhone. Back ups work much faster when I’m using the application iMazing. For now iTunes has to do a backup as part of the synchronisation to get the application I want copied across to the phone. The start of the Dragon Anywhere problems

Dragon Anywhere problemsDoing a dance with the iTunes Store’s

I did have an Apple ID previously, which was set up with the English/UK iTunes. For some reason or other I can’t get into it. The password isn’t working and when I go to retrieve the password it’s not letting me do that either. Apple seemed to be blocking me out of my account on the UK iTunes Store. I’ve just set up another UK iTunes account which has gone okay so far. I’ll try to log into that either in iTunes on the Mac, on the iPhone itself or maybe give it a try on the iPad.

Full of optimism for the trial of Dragon Anywhere

For the next seven days while it’s free I will do my best to use the hell out of the Dragon Anywhere service. I don’t really want to pay €12 per month, but then again you never know it might be the best thing since sliced bread and worth paying for. I really won’t know until I give it a proper try. If I can get past the Dragon Anywhere problems

Hitting my head on a brick wall – Dragon Anywhere problems

Bashing my skull on a concrete wall would be less annoying than trying to set up Dragon Anywhere. I was able to download the application to my iPad and to my iPhone, but it would let me use the login which I used for the purchase of the seven day trial from Nuance. I’m not sure if it’s a problem to do with where the Nuance account is registered. It might not let me in because I am living in Spain. I also saw that there were problems on the Nuance website. I tried looking at the online receipt for the access to Dragon Anywhere and I just got an error message. I also looked in PayPal which is what I was using to register for the service and possibly pay for it if I go past the seven days of trial. I didn’t see an entry in my PayPal account which is a little bit weird to say the least. I did get confirmation earlier from Nuance to say everything was okay and I just needed to download the app and start using it. What on earth is going on Nuance how come so many Dragon Anywhere problems to deal with? I was looking forward to using dictation from Dragon on my iPhone and at the moment I feel like giving up. I have beaten into submission by a whole lot of messing around.