Finding out More about Selling Books

This afternoon I have been listening to podcasts in which the author Steve Scott has been featured. He was saying much the same thing on both of the podcast interviews, but I listened to both of them just in case there were odd gems of information I might miss. I still have a long way to go to get everything set up with this website and the connection to a Facebook page and the Google plus page for Good and Geeky Books.

The good and geeky way to do this is to set it all up as close as possible to the way it has been set up by successful Kindle author, publishers. So I’m looking at the websites of people like Steve Scott and the podcastors who make the podcast called The Sell More Books Show. Quite simply, I need as much help as possible with this process so that more people will be able to find out about my series of Good and Geeky books.

Beta readers needed

If you would like to get an early copy of the first book which has over 20,000 glorious words on the subject of beating writers block in a Good and Geeky way, then let me know in the comments. If you would like to get on to the mailing list so that you will know exactly when the books become available then please add yourself to the list.

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