Good and Geeky Life Logging

Life casting or Life logging book

The good and geeky way to be a life logger is going to be covered in this book and I think it is going to be huge because there are several different ways of going about recording your life. I will be looking at how to get started and whether it is a good idea to be too personal. I am fairly sure that it is possible to say too much and put information out there that really should be kept private. The book will look at how to be creative in making your life blog or your life cast and in particular the geeky way of doing it. Apart from the social networks and extending what you can do with those with your own website there are also other hardware solutions to consider. Would you want to get one of those automatic cameras that you just wear and it takes photos during the day that you collate later. Can you automate things by using one of the life logging applications like Saga, Heyday, Rove or Momento?

What can you do to make it interesting for any readers if you want to have some. You might not, you might prefer to have it completely personal and private. It might be something that is there to be a revelation after you have died. It could be that you only want to keep it until you are old enough that you can look back on most of it and not be bothered that people know your innermost secrets. In any case, the writing doesn’t even have to be as personal as a diary would be. Your writing could be about things that happen generally around the world that you have ideas and thoughts about. You could use it as an excuse to go off and do things and to document your experiences with photographs, video and words.

This is the good and geeky way to record the details of your life and your reaction to the world as you pass through it.