Garageband Mac Groovin’ and a Movin’

Getting Started Recording with Garageband

Garageband on iOS

It is no wonder that Mac users are renowned for their creative abilities, when you have applications like Garageband Mac and also Garageband for iPad. Even if you are not a musician, without a doubt you will be tempted at some point in time to give Garageband Mac a try. Even if you don’t create the next top 10 hit record, you will certainly have a lot of fun playing with the application. Even with just playing, as in messing about you are likely to come up with something that you could listen to without vomiting.

Getting started with Garageband Mac

On opening the application you are given the opportunity to start with a new project, or go with the Magic Garageband or iPhone ringtone. There are two other options which are designed for you if you want to learn to play an instrument called Learn to Play and Lesson Store. So if you want to get serious with Garageband for Mac and learn to be a musician at the same time, then you could do that. Probably, a good start for a non-musician would be to open up Magic Garageband.

Podcasting with Garageband Mac

I have made a large number of podcasts using my Mac and one or two of them were made with Garageband. I stopped using Garageband for making podcasts, because I found that for the podcasts I was making that Amadeus Pro was better for me. I prefer the waveform editing facilities in Amadeus pro because I often have to chop sections out of an audio file. When I do this with Garageband it leaves gaps that need to be closed whereas with Amadeus Pro there are no gaps left. That gives me a much better workflow for that type of audio editing work. For some podcasters using Garageband for Mac would work out fine.

Garageband vs Amadeus Pro

There is also Garageband for iPhone

I have seen Garageband for iPhone used by a proper rock band. They did a promotional video, riding on the New York subway where they filmed themselves performing one of their songs using only their IOS devices as musical instruments. There are a variety of Garageband instruments and this rock band made a name for themselves by using Garageband for iOS. They could have been using Garageband for iPad or iPhone, but there are also many other instruments and apps for musicians to choose from.

The Magic Garageband for Mac

I chose the option of using Magic Garageband Mac to see what I could come up with. You first choose the style of music that you would like to work with from nine possibilities. It would be good to see more musical styles available ,but at least I could choose from rock, funk, reggae and a few others. For this example I decided to go with Roots Rock in Garageband Mac. When you have made your choice The Garageband instruments load up. You can change the genre if you want to and I found that I didn’t like the tune that came with Roots Rock. In fact I found that the Magic Garageband option to be limiting all around and I decided to download all of the extra loops and instruments that were available if you ask for them. It is a download of 1.2GB.

I would much rather go right into Garageband properly and drag instruments and loops onto tracks, making new tracks as I go. Throw on a cool bass track then add some wicked drums and then start rocking with some sweet guitar. Then I would add a voce track over that. It is really easy to keep on messing about with Garageband Mac and the same goes for Garageband for iPad. While all of this is very easy to do and you have the option of using Autotune to make your voice sound better, it is also quite easy to turn it all into something horrible and muddy sounding. Some music in your bones is a helpful attribute even when using Garageband Mac.

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