Getting Started With the iPad Without the Need of an iPad Help Manual

09/03/2012 Off By DavidAllenWizardgold

IPad help manual for new users of iPad 3

Now that the iPad 3rd gen has been announced, there will be a lot of new users buying the Apple tablet device and there maybe one or two newbies that don’t know quite where to start. I know that for many of us, it seems a little strange that anyone would need to have an iPad help manual. This is especially so when you have been using the iPad just for a short while and you don’t need the iPad instructions any longer, because you have got used to the device and how it works. Just try to remember though what it was like when you were a new user of something or other, whether that be driving a car, using a new television with a weird menu system or even learning how to operate a new tool in the workshop. When you come fresh to something and it is completely new and strange, sometimes it is good to have some pointers in the right direction and this could be perhaps, an iPad manual PDF or it could even be an e-book. If it is an e-book, then it could be be added to your iBooks application on the iPad, so that you can get basic information while you get started.

iPad help manual – Apple iPad instructions to get you started

IPad instructions iPad help manual

Apple Computers and the operating system that you use to get things done on an Apple Computer and that includes the iPad, is famously easy. While it is true that often you will not need to have an iPad help manual for either an iMac or an iPad, it can be good to have somewhere that you can get some iPad tips and tricks. There is a website called Screencastsonline run by a Liverpool man called Don McAllister and he has a successful business creating videos showing how to use Apple devices. Based on this information, one would think that perhaps there is a need for an iPad manual PDF, e-book or set of videos to help new users.

Apple iPad manual

My first suggestion to any new user of an iPad, whether it is the new iPad generation 3 or an iPad 2, would be to switch it on and have a play with it. Open up a few of the iPad applications that come with the device and see what you can do with them. You don’t need to be afraid that you will break something and I would suggest that it won’t be long before you are tapping the iPad screen, using fancy gestures with one or more fingers and really getting the hang of it.

There are some applications that perhaps use some specialised controls and gestures and quite often you will find that these sorts of applications will have a help page. You don’t need to worry that it is going to be a lots of hard reading. All of the help pages or iPad instructions for specific applications that I have seen, consist of only a few pictures and as few words as is necessary. I have seen one or two iPad help manuals that have also included animations or even videos showing how to do things.

Setting up your iPad without an Apple iPad manual

Like I said, I think that the best way to get started is to tap on a few icons and to open up a few applications and see what they do. You will also want to dive into some of the system preferences. And you can do this by tapping on the icon for settings, which you will generally find on the front page or front screen of your iPad. You may want to go into this area fairly soon after getting your iPad, in order to set up your iCloud account so that you can have your mail, contacts, calendars and so on set up specifically for your use. It is in this area also that you will set up some of your specific parameters for applications. For a new user, most likely you will not need to touch this until you have actually spent some time using those applications. It will be then that you will have noticed where you need to make some tweaks to the settings.

No help for the Facebook app in an iPad help manual

IPad manual pdf

In the settings area for the Facebook application you can setup the type of alerts you get for chat and messages. You can specify if you want the application to make the iPad vibrate or play a sound and you can also set up push notifications. The push notifications for Facebook on iPad you can set for various aspects of the application, such as for friend requests, photo tags, place tags and application requests. You can turn on or off whichever ones you want to use or don’t want to use.

Dive right in, the water is fine – Who needs an iPad manual?

To get the basics of how to use the iPad then most certainly I think the best way is to tap on a few buttons and see what it can do. If you find that you reach a plateau in your learning experience with your new Apple iPad 3, then the best thing to do probably will be to do a Google search for specific things you want to learn. There are one or two third-party iPad manual apps, iPad instructions or device guides that you can find. Some of them may be free and some of them you may have to pay for. Don’t waste your money buying an iPad help manual just for the basic things. You may on the other hand get good use out of something specific, like a book about how to use the iPad in the workplace. There is a book by David Sparks which aims to help you integrate your iPad into your work environment which is highly recommended.

The iPad manual versus watching videos to learn

As much as I like reading to find out about how to do things, I do find that I learn faster if I am shown how to do something. This is where watching videos is such a good idea. There is of course the screencastsonline although much of the content on there is something that you will need to pay for. You may not mind paying for it if the quality is good and then again, you can also do some searching on YouTube to be able to find the information that you need.

Why don’t you just ask somebody for help?

iPad Help manualGoogle plus, Twitter or Facebook. Then again what you could also do, is to ask your question in the comments section of this website. I will be very happy to help with iPad, by replying to your comments on the website and if you really need that extra bit of help them we could even start up a Skype conversation. I am pretty sure that if I don’t know the answer straightaway, then I certainly would know where to find an answer for you. We can also look at i touch help or iPod help. Maybe what I should look at is making a Garageband iPad manual, iPad 3 manual, iphone manual or an iPad 2 manual. I would like to help iPad users with iPad 2 getting started issues so put a question or two in the comments below.