Good and Geeky Weight Management Tech

A year and half ago, maybe two years ago I decided I was going to lose weight. I had reached about 91 kg and I was starting to feel fat. I don’t like feeling fat and it’s really not very healthy. I needed some weight management. The whole of your life tends to start feeling very sluggish. My wife also noticed that having extra weight tends to make a person snore more often and louder. I used technology to help me in my quest for losing weight. At the time when I started I was using Android. I had an application called Moves and at the very least kept track of the number of steps. It must have been about the time when I was changing back to using solely iOS and Apple products because I remember also starting to track the food I was eating. I found an application called MyFitnessPal and with this I was able to record the input of calories. I kept my weight loss regime as simple as possible. I worked on the basis of Eat Less – Move More. That was really all I needed and I managed to lose weight quickly and easily. There were people asking me if I had an illness. I had started to look so thin particularly around my face that people worried for my health. It wasn’t that I had overdone it, it was just that I’d managed to lose weight successfully quite quickly. The other thing that helped in my weight loss program was to be using my bicycle for going to work and back.Weight management

Fewer calories in and more calories spent

Much of the weight loss was down to finding the state of mind to do it. I convinced myself that I didn’t need to have large meals. A particularly useful trick was to half the amount on my plate. I do have a weakness for biscuits. I particularly like a digestive biscuit with a cup of tea. It was my custom to eat two per cup of tea. I like drinking tea, I am English after all so it would be quite easy for me to drink 5 cups of tea in one day and therefore eat 10 biscuits. Biscuits are highly fattening, so reducing the amount eaten by a half made a big difference. Something else that seemed to work quite well, was to instead of eating something when I felt hungry in between meals, I would drink a glass of water. No calories in water! So that was that, every time I weighed myself I could see definite movement in the right direction. It wasn’t long before I had hit 81 kg. I think it took around about six or seven months.

Putting the weight back on again

I thought I had got the weight management of my body under control and I started to neglect the recording of my eating. During the wintertime when I’m not working I wasn’t using the bicycle. Then when I went back to work again I wasn’t using the bicycle either due to some changes in my shift. Then my electric bicycle needed some fixing and I was slow to get the bike back on the road again. Basically I got out of the habit of taking care of my weight and my health. During the last six months I have been enjoying my food too much and not caring if I had that extra piece of cake or piece of chocolate. I had previously given up chocolate because it seemed like it was giving me migraine headaches. It was at the very least contributing to a higher probability of those really painful sorts of headaches. The trouble is, I love the taste of chocolate. I have had small pieces of fun -sized chocolate bars and not had any headaches. And so I ate some more.

It’s also very easy when you’re travelling and in the company of other people to overeat. On a recent visit back to Ireland my daughter-in-law made some extremely tasty cinnamon bread. I couldn’t resist it and I also couldn’t resist other edible goodies. So it’s not surprising when I get back home and I weighed myself again, my weight has bumped back up to 87.4 kg. Shock and horror – This means a new commitment to regain my proper weight. I did it once before with weight management and I’m sure I can do it again.

Good and Geeky technology to the Weight management rescue

Once again I’m going to use MyFitnessPal. My bicycle is fixed and ready for action. I’m going to be recording my intake of calories with the software. I will be recording my weight every other day. The bicycle is going to be in use on a nearly daily basis. When I’ve finished walking the dog I will go out for a 10 km or 15 km spin on the bike.

Crisps and chocolate will no longer be purchased on a regular basis. It’s not much fun though if you have a life without any treats. Maybe I will allow myself a small fun -sized size Twix just once per week. If I’m feeling hungry then I will eat an apple or other piece of fruit. Same as before I will also drink more water to fill up the stomach and keep me away from the calories. Good and Geeky man is on a mission. I’ll give you a weekly update.

What weight management apps do you find have helped you to lose weight?

2 thoughts on “Good and Geeky Weight Management Tech

  1. Ivan Balic says:

    Loved reading your article. I also use my Fitness Pal as well and found it to be a good measure of fat intake,caloric intake and vitamin levels etc…. I realized I was not getting enough B12 and made adjustments in my diet to increase those levels. It also made me conscious of my food choices and I tended to make positive choices more often using the app. I also have a Apple Watch which has been invaluable in recording my exercise and daily activity. With that information in hand (Statistical) I am able to bring it to my yearly physicals and my doctor was amazed as she had my hear rate statistics, food intake for a whole year!!!

    1. DavidAllenWizardgold says:

      The Apple Watch is fantastic for keeping track of your physical activity.

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