How to be Good and Geeky with your iPad

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It is pretty easy to be good and geeky when you can do all of your creative endeavours wherever you may be. The answer in this post PC world is a mobile device, preferably connected directly to the Internet. Obviously your smart phone will have this direct connection via mobile Internet which you can also do this with the iPad if you get the one with the slot for a Sim card. This will mean that you could be on a bus or a train or sitting on a park bench and you can still post to your blog just the same as if you were sitting at your desktop computer in your office. You just need to be thinking about doing these things instead of daydreaming. Get out your iPhone 6 and be happy.

Capturing images and video and showing them off

It might be a little bit much to be sharing video very often using the mobile Internet unless you have a large data allocation or unlimited data. You might also have to be quite patient with waiting for your movies to be uploaded depending upon the speed of your connection to the Internet. Even so, it is still doable and you can help the process by adjusting the size of the videos you send so that is manageable. You don’t need to send everything up to the Internet at 720p or 1080p, you can quite easily use a lower resolution and still get your message across. For those videos that do need to be at a higher resolution then there are applications you can use which will let you edit your video on your iPad and you can schedule the upload for later. Wizardgold YouTube Channel.

It is going to be a little bit easier for dispersing your photos across the Internet. Unless you are in the back end of nowhere with the slowest of Internet or even no Internet at all, then you’re going to be able to post your pictures with ease. This is what we do as good and geeky Internet citizens. The best practice for creativity is going to be to make good choices with making those images interesting and viewable. Just because there is a weird and wonderful filter that you can slap onto your Instagram photo, doesn’t mean that you have to use it. It really is the case that sometimes less is more.

Using the best mobile blogging applications

There are applications that you can get for your smart phones and your tablets that will let you get into specific blogging platforms. You might choose to use the WordPress application or the Tumblr app or maybe Blogger is your blogging platform of choice. Then again, you might be posting to multiple types of blog in which case you will need something that will let you connect and sent to whichever of these you decide to use. My favourite blogging application for the iPad is called Blogsy and with this I have a wide range of blogs that I can post to. I use it to connect to WordPress and also to Blogger. I can use the same application to upload the photos from my Photos library or another possibility would be to use a separate photo uploader. I even have the FTP application Transmit from Panic Software which I also use for uploading audio files so that I can do podcasting directly from my iPad. Once I have the audio files in the correct folder on my blog it is simple to use the URL for that file and add the podcast to the blog post.

Broadcasting with AudioBoom or SoundCloud

These two services are fairly handy for making audio podcasts. With AudioBoom you can make podcasts up to 10 minutes long using their free service. So if you prefer to be vocal and to talk directly to your audience then you could use one of the services rather than writing. I find it is a necessary thing to do where you combine the written with the audio. This is so the search engines can find your posts. A good and geeky thing to do is to use something like the If This Then That service IFTTT to automatically make a blog post every time you send something into AudioBoom. All you need to do then is to write a little bit of text to go with it in your text editor such as the Drafts application and then add that using your blogging editor. Simples……