How To Cut SIM To MicroSIM For The iPad or iPhone 4

How to cut SIM to micro SIM for your iPhone or iPad

The question first of all, is why would you need to cut up a SIM card, because by now you would expect that with there being enough iPads and iPhone 4’s around, that there would be enough micro-SIM cards available. I would have thought that the sellers of the iPhone and other phones that take the micro-SIM would have the availability on their shelves. Obviously, that is not the case as so many people are needing to cut up the standard size SIM card, to be able to have one that fits in the iPad.

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How to cut Micro SIM

One answer to the question of how to cut SIM card to micro-SIM, is to take measurements of a micro-SIM, transfer those to a normal card and to whip out a sharp knife. It might work, but you would have to be very careful, so that the cuts are all in exactly the right place, in order that the contacts on your new micro-SIM connect where they are supposed to connect. If you don’t manage to cut them exactly right, then you can easily damage the card beyond use.

Why would you want to know – How to cut SIM to micro SIM?

Really it depends upon where you get your iPad from. If you buy your iPad from one of the mobile telephone service providers then you will get a micro SIM along with your purchase. If on the other hand you by your iPad from another place and then need to source a SIM card, that is where you might find you have some difficulties. This is also more likely to be necessary if you are a frequent traveller, business user of the iPad, to foreign countries, where you purchase SIM cards in order to avoid roaming charges.

Micro SIM Cutter How to cut a SIM to Micro SIM

Buy a micro SIM card cutter and that is all you need to know about how to cut SIM to micro SIM

If you go to you will find a micro SIM cutter, that will perfectly do the job for you. All you have to do is to place the full-size SIM card into the micro SIM cutter and with one quick press of the handles, you will have a micro SIM exactly the correct size. Providing the SIM card is of a decent quality, then you will not find it necessary to have to do any adjustments to the sides of the card.

Using micro SIM adapters with you newly cut cards

After you have cut all your cards to be the micro SIM size, you might find an occasion where you require a full-size SIM. To be able to use your micro SIM cards in older devices then you will need a micro SIM adapter. You will find that you can buy these SIM card adapters separately and some of the cutters are available will also have a couple of adapters included.

Users of the micro SIM cutter have recommended that the trick is to push down quickly with a good amount of force. If you are less positive in the way that you use the cutter, and do it slowly, then you may need to have some edges filed slightly, to get a perfect fit. One user of the cutter, found that the best way to operate it, was to put the cutter on the floor and press down with his foot.

Now you have all of the details that you need with regards to, how to cut SIM to micro SIM. You will be able to get full 3G connectivity with your iPad or iPhone 4. You are ready to be able to find out what does an iPad do.

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