How to get ringtones on iPhone

Well, as you know at the beginning of the summer I upgraded my iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4. I really needed to have an iPhone that was working in tiptop condition while I was at my sometimes boring job, in order to keep my sanity. For the most part I use my iPhone like an iPod, listening to podcasts for much of the time. When listening to podcasts you only need to plug in one ear, whereas with music you really do need to have both ears on the job. So for all this time having the new iPhone 4 in my pocket, it never once occurred to me to download iPhone ringtones. I didn’t have any interest in making a ringtone for iPhone 4. Then a couple of days ago, we got my wife a new iPhone 4 and one of the first customisations she wanted to perform, was the creation and download of iPhone ringtones. At this point I didn’t know how to get ringtones on iPhone, but now I do.

How to get ringtones on iPhone

How to put ringtones iPhone 5 or iPhone 4

With me being the techie person of the house and the Apple fan boy, I was asked how to get ringtones on iPhone. All I could do was to do a Google search to get that information. It didn’t take long before we had the information needed and learned about the iPhone ringtone format. It is possible from your iPhone to buy new ringtones but we wanted to have a free iPhone ringtone. You can easily make these iPhone ringtones from music that you already have in your iTunes music library.

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iMage Tools

Down to business making ringtones for iPhone

Basically what you have to do is to choose 30 seconds worth of music or sound and save it in the correct iPhone ringtone format. The thing to do is to listen to a song that you think would make a good ring tone and make a note of the exact point in the song where you want to have the ring tone start. So for example in a song that you like, you could say that it would start from 1 min and 34 seconds into the song. What you need to do then, is to go into the information for the song by clicking on get info and to put in that start time, in the options tab. You will then enter the stop time so that you have no more than 30 seconds for the new ringtone. If you have more than 30 seconds, then the iPhone will not recognise it or play it.

The Get Info dialogue will disappear after you click okay. Next, you right click on the song and choose Create AAC Version. This will give you your 30 seconds that you use for your ringtone. So then you find and select your new 30 second version of your song, right click on it and choose Show in Finder.

In Finder change the suffix of the file from m4a to m4r. with this you will have your sound file in the correct iPhone ringtone format. Go back into iTunes, right click and choose delete, but only delete it from iTunes and tell it to keep the file. If you have kept open the Finder window with your 30 second sound file you can then drag and drop that file into iTunes. In the video I show you exactly where you need to drop that file. Or you can just double click on the file to do the same.

How to get ringtones on iPhone

Now that all the hard work has been done, all you need to do is to connect up your iPhone to iTunes and tell it to synchronise iPhone ringtones. Once my wife had gone through this process a couple of times, there was no stopping her. She must have made at least a dozen free iPhone ringtone files from various songs in her music library. She will have enough to have a different ring tone for each of her favourites in her iPhone Contacts.

Making ringtones for iPhone is really easy

In the next article I will show you how to use another tool, Amadeus Pro on the Mac to make your free iPhone ringtone sounds. With Amadeus Pro you will be able to add and makes all sorts of sounds and music and get a really creative with it. How to iPhone the farting sound. With my typical schoolboy sense of humour, I did wonder if anybody has made a ring tone for the iPhone of farting sounds. You would be able to then assign that ring tone to your favourite friend with a wind problem. Might make you answer the phone quickly if you are in company.