The new 5th gen iPod Touch

The new 5th gen iPod Touch is wicked or what? For those of us that don’t make many phone calls it could be a viable option to buy this new iPod Touch. If you have loads of money or an overwhelming need to have an always on connection to the Internet with 3G, then you will want to stick with the new iPhone 5. Of all of the iPod Touch versions, this one has got the closest to the specifications you would find in an iPhone.

iPod Touch sales will get a boost

There will be many parents that don’t want their child to have an iPhone, possibly due to the price of such a device. If you have a child that is using an iPhone the cost of running one will also possibly be prohibitive. On the other hand the new 5th gen iPod Touch has most of the facilities and capabilities of the iPhone 5, so long as you are in range of decent Wi-Fi. Certainly it could make sense for a child to have one of these to use in a classroom where bringing your own device, BYOD, is encouraged as part of 21st-century learning. Apple must be expecting to see a good few sales based upon this premise.

Specifications of the new iPod Touch 5th generation

The height of the new iPod Touch is 123 mm and the width is 58 mm. It is an incredibly skinny 6.1 mm in depth or thickness. Those people that have managed to get their hands on the iPhone 5 say that it is very light and this new iPod Touch must nearly just float away. I think that the big deal with this new iOS device is that the display is a retina widescreen display and that makes it just the job for watching video.

The camera in the new 5th gen iPod Touch

While the camera is not of the same quality that you find in the iPhone 5, it is as good as the camera from the iPhone 4. Even so, you can still do the panorama trick with the iOS 6 software and that is got to be good. The quality of the images that you get from the iSight camera in this iPod Touch have got to be pretty good, because Apple can see that many people will use one of these instead of having a separate point and shoot. It is also kind of nice that with this camera you can have photo and video Geo tagging, when you are connected by Wi-Fi.

5th gen iPod Touch

Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening

The new Lightning Connector will be added to all of the iOS devices as time goes by. For the moment it is the new iPods that were announced at the same time as the iPhone 5, which also has Lightning. Apart from being much neater and smaller, this new Lightning connector is able to be put in either way round. Certainly this will be much appreciated when you are trying to do this during the night, but will also be very handy during the daytime. Ease of use is very important for Apple products and we will be getting that with this Apple iPod Touch 5th generation.

Apple iPod Touch – All charged up and ready to go

With the standard charger you will be able to do fast charging in approximately 2 hours. That will give you around 80% capacity and if you want to get to the full 100% it will only take four hours. Battery technology certainly has improved a lot over the last couple of years and with this device you will get up to 40 hours of playback time for your music. Playing video will take more from battery of course, and you can expect to have roundabout eight hours from a fully charged 5th gen iPod Touch.

Eight reasons to buy the new iPod Touch

  1. You want the iPhone 5 but can’t afford it and you are willing to have something that is very nearly as good.
  2. You don’t make many phone calls and you will be happy to use the MiFi or Wi-Fi for data.
  3. You would rather have the 32 GB or 64 GB of space available in the iPod Touch than the measly 8 GB of the iPhone 4
  4. You are a runner and you can take advantage of the Nike+ support
  5. The iPod Touch 5th gen is just what you need for a point and shoot camera especially with it having a handy little strap to use while you are taking photos.
  6. You just want to have the latest and greatest of the iPod Touch versions and you don’t care if the colours are a little bit girlie.
  7. The lowliest of the iPhones that supports Siri is the iPhone 4S, you can’t afford that but you still really want to have the ability to talk to your IOS device.
  8. Faster is always better and therefore the ability to have an iOS device with a dual core A5 at a more or less affordable price is going to be appealing for a lot of people.


Stick them in your ears

Apple tells us that they have spent three years designing the new Earpods and this new Apple iPod Touch 5th-generation comes with those new earphones. They are supposed to be more comfortable to use and at the same time give much better quality of sound. I know that I am looking forward to getting a pair of these Apple headphones, as I like to listen to podcasts through earbuds as I am walking the dog. There are many people that complain about the previous earphones from Apple. Personally, I have never had a problem with them. It does have to be said though, that these new high end earphones from Apple do look very nice and very modern.

new ipod touch 5th generation

It’s all down to what you can do with it

As the actress said to the Bishop…. With this latest iPod Touch and with iOS 6 installed, it will be very useful to make use of the Facebook and Twitter integration. Siri is a very useful addition, although you do need to be connected to the Internet in order to have it to work. This iPod device will even be able to take advantage of Airplay so that we can stream videos, photos, music games and indeed whatever application, from the iPod Touch to the Apple TV. We even get Bluetooth connectivity which can be used for headphones and speakers, or for connecting the Apple iPod Touch 5th generation to our cars.

The Apple iPod Touch versus the iPad

I really love using my Apple iPad version 3 and I have to wonder how an iPad Mini will fit into this product lineup. The iPad is a very nice size for reading stuff or just for seeing stuff ,if your eyesight is not the best. The iPod Touch for some people could be a little on the small side, but considering the colours that are being used for the devices, it seems that it is aimed at the younger generation anyway. Of course, it is very useful to have a device that you can easily put into your pocket for carrying around with you. It will be the size of these devices and what you want to do with them that will confirm to you which one you will buy in the end. The 5th gen iPod Touch is well worth looking at for many use cases.


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