How to make an iPhone custom ringtone

As you were able to see in the previous article, it is very easy to create an iPhone custom ringtone using iTunes. All you have to do is to choose 30 seconds of audio from an MP3 song that you already have in your iTunes library. Make an AAC version of that 30 seconds and change the suffix to .m4r, then reimport that file back into iTunes and it will go into your folder of iPhone ringtones.

IPhone custom ringtone

Looking for that perfect iPhone ringtone app

I already have Amadeus Pro on my system and I like to use it for creating files that have anything to do with audio. So that could be for podcasting or something for a soundtrack for one of my videos. Amadeus Pro is a dedicated application for multitrack audio recording. A particularly good use for it is to use the audio cleanup tools, such as when I want to remove hiss.

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Since I have now started to create my own iPhone custom ringtones, it was only natural that I should look to Amadeus Pro. The thing to do is to remember that you have only 30 seconds to play with for your custom ringtone. I like to use the generate silence tool to give me a 30 second track. Then I would put a marker in at 30 seconds, just in case anything I did made the track longer. You can then add sounds to your Amadeus Pro workings by dragging and dropping sounds into either a new stereo audio track, or by dropping into first track you created.

Amadeus Pro to create iPhone ringtone

With Amadeus Pro you can use all of the included tools to create a number of tracks to overlay sound over the top of other sounds. You may then adjust those sounds with regards the exact position in the track and also the volume level to get your new iPhone ringtone just right. When you have got everything the way that you want it, you may need to merge all of the tracks together so that you can export it out to iTunes. There are a number of Audio Unit effects that you can use to enhance your sound or to add special effects.

Add ringtones to iPhone

Easy to add ringtones to iPhone with Amadeus Pro

The last stage of getting your ringtones onto your phone in Amadeus Pro, is to choose the command to export to iTunes. It is not necessary to go into the Finder to grab the file created by Amadeus to drag-and-drop into iTunes. Just one click and you have your new ring tone in iTunes ready to put on the phone. It doesn’t get any easier to add ringtones to iPhone.

Customised ringtones are better than Apple ringtones

There is only a small selection of Apple ringtones already installed on your iPhone when you get it. There is nothing worse in a crowded room hearing a ring tone and thinking that it is your phone, when it is just somebody else with an iPhone. With your customised ringtones that you have created either in iTunes with your music in your iTunes library or your totally custom ringtones from Amadeus Pro, you will be able to stand out in the crowd. It would also be perfectly possible for you to drop some music from your iTunes library into Amadeus Pro to make specific adjustments or to add extra sounds. So there is no need for you to only stick with the Apple ringtones, use your own iPhone custom ringtone.