iPhone 5 prices here in Spain

It’s Been awhile since the iPhone 5 announcement date

It seems like it has been quite some time since the announcement of the iPhone 5, especially with all of the kerfuffle surrounding the maps application. There has been plenty of the smelly brown stuff hitting the fan about the quality of the new maps from Apple. In my own case with using the maps, I have seen that the maps show a road where there is no road. Not too big a problem for me, but there have been others that have had more serious difficulties when trying to find places using the new maps.

IPhone 5 prices

The new iPhone 5 price here in Spain

It is quite difficult to compare with the Apple iPhone 5 price in USA, because it seems that most phones in the USA are sold with a contract. Also in the USA you don’t have the really high sales tax, which now here in Spain has risen to 20%. This has increased the cost of iPhone 5 models as well as everything else you want to buy. It is not really surprising with the rise of unemployment and the general crisis situation here in Spain, that some people are looking at how much does the iPhone 4 cost. I actually bought a new iPhone 4 at the beginning of the summer.

It would have been nice if I could have bought the new iPhone 5 to take advantage of the iPhone 5 screen size and other goodies. I would have passed on that iPhone 4 onto my wife, but when it came down to it and having to buy two iPhones, the second one, had to also be the iPhone 4. I did toy with the idea of getting the iPhone 4S because having upgraded to iOS 6 I fell in love with being able to use Siri. So iPhone 5 Siri would be nice and being able to dictate into the iPhone would be brilliant, but I will have to do without. In any case, I am quite likely to pick up the iPad if I want to use the dictation and to do things with Siri.

iPhone 5 accessories

It seems that, because of the new connector with the iPhone 5, that there is a general lack of iPhone 5 accessories. There have already been seen one or two third-party iPhone 5 accessories and I expect there will be many more in time.

The cost of iPhone 5 in euros

I have just been checking out the Apple Store on the Apple website and the new Apple iPhone 5 is available from €669. This isn’t too bad really, I was expecting it to be more than that. It is only €100 more expensive than the iPhone 4S. It is shocking really that the gap between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 is €180.

When I was looking at the mobile phone companies for prices, there was not much of a drop from the price of an iPhone 5 unlocked. Then on top of the still fairly high cost of the iPhone 5, there was the iPhone monthly cost. It doesn’t take too long, nor the brains of Einstein to be able to work out that buying a phone locked to a mobile phone provider for two years would be financially stupid. I didn’t even look at the possibility of not getting an iPhone for myself at all and going with the new iPod touch. Especially seeing as I don’t make many phone calls. The iPod Touch does look very good indeed when compared to iPhone 5 prices.

iPhone monthly cost, calls and data

I have been using a company called Mas Movil for about a year now and I have been paying around about seven or eight euros per month. Like I said, I don’t make many phone calls and I don’t even use that much data. The amount of data that I was allowed was 300 MB per month, which doesn’t seem like a lot. It was enough though. I get the impression now, that I might be using much more data with the phone, now that I have the iPhone 4. I was therefore quite pleased when I saw that there was a new phone plan available which gives 1 GB of data per month and the price for that was nine euros. I would also like to get my wife on the same mobile phone plan, but we are still waiting for the Sim card to arrive. They said that we can’t change it until the Sim card is activated.

Comparisons with Apple iPhone 5 price in USA

Despite the added cost of the value-added tax, it seems that the prices of the iPhone here in Spain is not too bad. In the USA you don’t seem to have much opportunity for buying the unlocked phones. If you are one of these people that likes to have the latest and greatest of the iPhones, then buying unlocked phones would be better, as you would be able to change every year rather than waiting for a two-year cycle to come around. What do you think of the iPhone 5 prices?