Image size reduction iOS

Reducing the size of an image in iOS

There are times when you don’t have much bandwidth and you want to upload some pictures. It would seem like a good idea to reduce the size of these images in terms of megabytes before you upload them. There are a couple of options for making these images smaller in size. One option would be to use an application which has the sole purpose of image size reduction by crunching them with an algorithm. another possibility would be to reduce the dimensions of the image in terms of the pixels. This would also have the effect of reducing the image size in kb or mb.

Image size reduction

I thought I had found an application that would do this job of reducing image sizes by crunching them. The application is called ImageDiet and while it did crunch images, it was necessary to send the file to the server first and then it would have to be downloaded again reduced in size. That kind of defeated the point of such an application for the purposes of reducing the use of bandwidth when uploading files.

iOS image size reduction

Using Pixelmator to reduce the size of image files.

Using Pixelmator has been the most successful way of doing image file size reduction so far, for me. It’s easy to go in to the settings of the image and to change the pixel size. You set the app to constrain the image size so the height changes to reflect what you did with the width. Or the other way around. When I’m sending an image to the blog the maximum with only needs to be around 600 pixels. If I’m starting off with an image that is 3000 pixels wide, then I’m going to get a good saving.

image size reduction

Another good reason to have smaller images on the blog site is that viewers will experience a faster working site. There you go, you are now an iOS champion of image size reduction. Do you have any apps you like to use to do image file size reduction  that will work better than what I am using? Send me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

Tried out a couple of image resizers

Resize Image is an iPhone App but works Ok on the iPad Pro. Fits the screen well. Easy to use and works on the picture pixel size to change the file size.  You work it with a slider or by putting in the numbers. There are also presets which can be set in the settings of the app. If you want to make the image larger, that’s OK too.

Using the slider

Image resizer

Image resizer

Changing the app settings in Resize Image

image resize settings

Putting in the numbers

image size by numbers

I tried another called SimpleResizer and I didn’t like it on the iPad.

2 thoughts on “Image size reduction iOS

  1. Sebastiaan says:

    What you did in Pixelmator is reducing the image dimensions. Naturally this will also reduce image size. This is not always the way you want to go. Maybe your image has already the most effective dimensions but you still want to shave away a few bytes. That’s what the other app seems to do. Btw. Searching for image size on the App Store gave me plenty of apps that reduce image size in bytes without changing dimensions. So in my opinion you could have put a little more effort into your article.

    1. WZ_NoStylus says:

      You are correct on all counts there. It was a day when I was a little short of time but I still wanted to get a post up onto the website. I have had a couple of other image reduction applications ready to test already.
      I didn’t like the other app that much because when it reduce the size of the image without reducing the pixel size of it it needed to send the picture off to a server to do the work and then send it back. There wasn’t much point in doing that type of image reduction when the idea was to save uploading and downloading time and kilobytes.

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