iPad Battery Extenders

iPad Battery Extenders

Even if it does have a battery life to die for, compared to many old fashioned laptop computers there may well be occasion when you need a bit more. We all need a bit more of something from time to time, now, don’t we? Well you might want to have a look at these beauties.

battery extender 1.png

Trent IMP 880

First we have the Trent IMP 880 8900mAh External Battery Pack. You can use with the iPhone 4 and the iPad too. It provides 50 hours of movie time with the iPhone and 20 hours of movie time for the iPad. Nice! There is a range of connectors to plug it in to your devices and it is as handy as that. Ultra reliable Lithium-Ion battery, 500% iPhone 4 Battery life, 80% 3G iPad battery life. Ultra light weight 250g, dimensions: 4.3″x2.5″x0.8″. Five times more capacity usage than without the Trent IMP 880. Not bad !

New Trent ultra-pack IMP880 8900mAh External Battery pack for iPad, iPhone 4 4G, iPhone 3G 3GS, iPod.

It will also work with things like Blackberry phones and HTC Android phones.

Kensington PowerBack Battery Case for iPad with Kickstand and Dock


  • Built-in 4400mAh battery provides up to 5 extra hours of power for app use, web surfing, movie watching and more
  • 3-position steel kickstand holds your iPad hands-free in typing, portrait or landscape modes
  • Soft touch finish case protects your iPad from bumps and bruises
  • Micro USB charge and sync port lets you charge and sync without removing the PowerBack
  • Built-in speaker deflectors for clear, crisp sound

Kensington PowerBack Battery Case for iPad with Kickstand and Dock (Black)

Pretty sweet to have the iPad protected by a case and have the battery extended at the same time. It makes this solution pretty compelling if you have not got a case already. It also features a battery fuel gauge LED so you can tell how long you have left before you need to plug in and charge it up. when you want to remove the iPad from the PowerBack case you just hold the iPad/Powerback on the lower third, and use your thumbs to push upward….then it just slides right out.