Scosche reVIVE II Dual USB Car Charger for iPad and the iPad Holdr


If you are looking for accessories for the iPad that are going to enhance your car driving experience, here is a USB Charger and also a Holder for the iPad for the car. Not sure how legal it would be in all places in the world, that would be up to you to find out in your location.

Charge your iPad and have an additional USB powered device at the same time. Use your existing USB cables to charge any additional USB powered devices. 2.1 Amp USB port for charging iPad. 1 Amp USB port for charging additional devices

Of course you have to remember safety and not trying to watch a movie or do other stuff on the iPad while you are driving but there is a place for the iPad in the car. With this Scosche reVIVE II Dual USB Car Charger for iPad you will at least be able to keep the charge up on your iPad.

It looks like a handy well made device and hopefully it would longer than the last in car charger I bought. What do you use when you want to use your iOS device in the car.

Padholdr — Take the Amazing Features of the iPad with You in Your Car

Padholder iPad Holder for Automobiles Universal Fit (Black)

Do you want your entire music and video playlist, streaming internet radio, Netflix, Navigation, Internet, Email, Games, Contacts, and much much more at your fingertips wherever you go? Now you can. The Padholdr is the best solution incorporating the iPad into your car without an expensive custom installation.

Padholdr is the only way to get all of the amazing features of the iPad at use in your car.

Pad Holder picture

Take all the functionality and tools of the iPad on all your travels — while staying safe — with the easily installed Padholdr.

Bring Your iPad Along for the Ride

Padholdr uses the best parts in the industry to give you a stylish but easy to use and install iPad holder. The Padholdr is made from a laser cut high gloss acrylic sheet and comes with an array of accessories depending on the application. All hardware, and instruction manuals come complete with each kit.

Padholdr is one of the must have accessories for iPad for the petrol heads out there. Useful gadget for your car, this device is the best solution in the industry for making your iPad work in your car with no custom install. When you order your Padholdr, you will have the ability to install the exact fit for your vehicle. All of our vehicle-specific mounts are meant to be installed without any visible screws showing on the dash board — you’ll be able to remove the kit with no visible signs that there was ever a Padholdr in your car!

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