iPad Essential Apps – Evernote

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iPad Essential Apps – Evernote

Evernote is brilliant on the Mac, the iPhone and now it is an essential app for the iPad. Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web. It easy to get started with a free account. You do need to get an account because the best thing with Evernote is that it syncs your noes to the cloud. I often use Evernote to write my notes for the podcasts and then go to my studio open up the Mac Book and have the note right there without me having to do anything else. Evernote also have Skitch as an iPad app now too.

The Amazing iPad

Evernote can help you remember whatever you put into it, it is the memory you never knew you had. Type a text note. Clip a web page. Snap a photo. Grab a screenshot. Evernote will keep it all safe. I often select text in a web page while I am on the iMac, hit the put in Evernote button on the safari tool bar and I am done. I know I won’t lose it as it will be in the Evernote iPad app, one of those essential iPad apps. You can use Evernote as part of your GTD iPad options.

Evernote-for-iPhone-and-iPad.pngEvernote is one of those apps for the iPad that is an iPad Universal application. You get it for your iPhone and you also have the iPad version. A new feature to the iPad version. You’ll now see a set of small arrows in the upper left corner of the note. Click them to toggle between the split-screen view and a new full-screen note view. This is great when reading a long note, viewing a big picture or scrolling through a PDF and works in both portrait and landscape modes.

I like the way I can use Evernote to take different types of note. You have voice notes as well as the snapshot or getting something off the camera roll (on the iPhone – There will be a camera in the iPad eventually.) and of course the text notes. You can choose to display only thumbnails or a detailed view. Then there is a scroll bar on the right that lets you get quickly to all of your notes. The notebooks are displayed as stacks of notes, you tap on them to explore the content of a notebook. I must say it looks pretty sweet on the iPad. You can even view your notes in a map view, you would expect that in one of the iPad essential apps.

What Makes Evernote One of the iPad Essential Apps

You can save your searches. Creating a new note is easy and you can put in text at the same time as you are recording an audio note. That is very useful when you are in a meeting for example. The developers must think about these things when making iPad apps.

Try this with Evernote on your iPad.

Try the new map display in the “Places” tab. The thumbnails will automatically update to show only those that relate to what you’re seeing on the map. So, as you scroll and zoom the map, it’s easier than ever to find exactly the note your looking for.

Using Evernote on the iPad

Scroll through all your notes in the “All notes” screen. Try the “View options” in the upper righthand corner to toggle between thumbnail and detail display and to change how your notes are grouped. If you have a lot of notes, try using the quick-scroll bar on the right side of the screen to quickly jump from group to group. The tick marks on this bar show you how many notes you have in each group, so it’s easy to jump to the “busy” parts of your life with just one tap!

Evernote Remembers your Place – iPad Essential Apps

The new Evernote for iPad is so fast that we were finally able to implement another frequent request: when you quit and relaunch the app, it starts exactly where you left it. If you were viewing a particular note or search result and quit to run another app, your note will be right back on the screen when you restart Evernote. If you don’t care about what you were last looking at and just want to make a new note quickly, the “New note” button is always in the lower left side.

There are plans to add many more features to Evernote, some that you can already do on your Mac or even on a Windows computer and then some! Like drawing a quick sketch will be possible. It is impressive to make  iPad apps so good to make iPad app essential list.
The Amazing iPad