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Free trial of iWork? – Not anymore

If you’re going to do some work on any sort of documents on your Mac, then you might like to consider getting iWork. I know that a lot of people will, when they turn to the Mac after years of being tied to the Windows way of doing things, think that the only office software is the Microsoft offering. When there was an iWork trial that you can use free for 30 days, why would you want to go out and spend a huge pile of cash getting MS Office for Mac.

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The present version of iWork is, sort of, iWork 09. There are a number of people that are complaining that there hasn’t been a significant upgrade to iWork for some time. These users want to know what happened to iWork 10 and more than that, they would like to know when there will be an iWork 11 download available. The funny thing is though, that on the Apple site they have not been numbering the software with 09 or 10 or iWork11 for some time now. Yet still there are people clamouring for the iWork 11 release date. These are probably the same people that call it iWorks 11 – which is actually incorrect. This dates back to when the office software for the Mac was called Works. That is going back quite a number of years, but it seems there are some older users with long memories. Either that or they just have difficulty changing to something different.

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Buying iWork11 from the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store has to a certain extent changed the way that software is bought and updated for the Mac. On the Mac App Store you can buy a piece of software and its will continually be updated on your computer. Buy it and you can do an iWork download there and then. Unless that software is completely stopped and the developers expect users to buy the same software but with a different name, but is in fact the same but a new version. Only then will the user have to pay for an upgrade. It seems to be quite good for Mac users, but I do have to wonder how developers are going to feel about this after a year or two. Developers have to put bread on the table too and they may feel that this system doesn’t suit them, unless there are always new users buying their software. If there are no new users and therefore no income, then the developers might not have the required motivation to upgrade the software. It will be interesting to see how that one pans out.

iWork download

iWork download or Scrivener for Mac?

Scrivener for Mac. So I would sincerely hope that the e-book creation facilities within Pages is significantly improved. Will you be doing an iWork download or do you want an Apple Pages trial or an iWork ’11 download? iWork Mac is certainly an impressive suite of applications that are pretty useful. Many new users will get iWork for Mac  if buying in the Apple Store. Much better to be guided away from Microsoft Word for Mac. The prices of the individual apps are cheap enough that it is hardly necessary to have an iWorks free trial. Apple don’t support an iWork free trial anymore. Might as well jump right into Mac iWork. I like the way that you can easily do desktop publishing with Pages and it does not take long to learn and get used to.