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iPad productivity apps

iPad productivity apps

I am always looking for productivity applications that look interesting. Evernote is one such application, iThoughts HD is another iPad productivity application and ThinkBook is also very interesting. I recently found an application called MagicalPad which is somewhere in between the mind mapping application iThoughts HD or Mind Node Pro and ThinkBook. With any of these applications you can structure your ideas by taking your non-linear thinking and just throwing it willy-nilly into the application. Once you have the ideas in a format that is somewhat less nebulous than odd thoughts floating around inside your head, then you can do something with them. Any of these apps I’ve mentioned so far are great for creating outline which you can then fill in the blanks and turn into something presentable.

One of the best productivity apps for iPad

With MagicalPad you can take control of your notes and in so doing you are able to take your ideas by the scruff of the neck and give them structure. The application comes with a couple of templates which you can use to give you an idea about how to start using MagicalPad. Mainly the way that it works, is through you being able to brainstorm by chucking in a short bit of text which is one single idea and let it just float there. Or you might have something more concrete in the form of a list which you can arrange and rearrange. MagicalPad has to be one of the best iPad productivity apps around.

Magical Pad

Best way to use MagicalPad and other iPad productivity apps

If you use MagicalPad, then I suggest it would be excellent to also connect it to your Evernote account. So that when you want to export your meeting notes or whatever it is you’re working on, out of the app, you can send it to Evernote. You may send a note out either as a PDF or directly to Evernote in the Evernote format. When you export your note out to Evernote you can choose which notebook in Evernote you want to send it to. It is also possible to import into MagicalPad from Evernote. The ability to link up to Evernote makes MagicalPad one of the best productivity apps for iPad

iPad Video mirroring with MagicalPad

If you have the Apple digital A/V adapter you can send the notes that you’re working on directly to a HDTV or a projector. This would be very interesting as you are making notes within a meeting, so that everybody could see the set of notes as they grow. It would also be very handy for a presentation in a school situation. You could make your set of notes spread out so that each part of your presentation would fit into a specific area. All you would have to do is to drag the area into the viewing part of the screen when you are ready to show it.

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One example could be that you are showing your class a list of items that need to be worked upon and you may have it set so that your list has checkboxes. During the presentation you would be able to put a tick in the box, once that part of the process had been completed. You might also add other extra checkboxes and list items as suggested by the class, or the members of your meeting. Certainly it looks like MagicalPad would be excellent for note taking collaboration and making presentations whether you are going to be using it in a school or inside a business. Which are your favourite iPad productivity apps.

Magicalpad vs iThoughts – Two different use cases and I would have both of these iPad 2 productivity apps on my iPad. Yes you can use Magicalpad app with Scrivener and certainly Magicalpad best way to use for work notes too. While I have not used OmniOutliner in the comparison of Magicalpad vs OmniOutliner I would side with MagicalPad. Price is important and you get value for money with MagicalPad. So for me Magicalpad vs OmniOutliner is a no brainer. You can get productive with a mind map iPad app and you can do a certain amount of mind mapping with MagicalPad amongst the best of the iPad productivity apps. You might also have a look at ThinkBook iPad which is innovative in the way that it works and is much cheaper to buy that any of the Omni products.

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