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These guy have been using Final Cut for a lot of years now and also use Final Draft AV while giving a recommendation to Celtx. When they are organising a project, one of their reality TV Shows like Scream Queens or Beauty and the geek they will use Bento. Joke tells me that she rescued Biago from PC sufferance 13 years ago and he has not looked back since. They are also making a documentary about a friend, Steve Mazan who is a comedian who has cancer and it is called ‘Dying to be on Letterman’.

In the interview we talk quite a bit about the making of TV shows because that is what they do and the interview is destined for Video 20 Questions too.

They seem to do mostly reality TV shows but also do scripted work. As you will tell from their interview they are totally committed to what they do. As you have to be in a business that takes no prisoners. If someone can get in there before you with your idea but better then you should watch your back.

Joke (her real name) and Biagio (Sicilian roots) als talk to me about the technical side of the work and about how they organise themselves using Macs, well they are using Macs to edit with FInal Cut Pro so it make sense to use Macs for everything.

They can be found on Twitter and FaceBook. Like many independent producers they are building a following online to get their name and brand out there, and doing it quite successfully it seems. And their brand new Joke and Biagio Facebook page, which has 1 fan: Biagio. Would love to change that!

They have  advice to folks that want to break in to showbiz: Become a Hands on Producer. Here’s the post Well Joke and Biagio are not the only ones that recommend you just get in there and learn the process by doing it. here they say that making a short TV promo is a great idea for selling the project to the Television networks. maybe not making a full pilot episode unless you want to have the experience of doing it.

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  1. Maria Lokken says:

    Great interview with Joke and Biagio. I thought you asked very insightful questions.

    Their advice on getting your work out and seen was spot on.

    By the way – these podcasts are terrific in giving producers and production people at all levels needed information. Thanks for producing them!

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