Liverpool Tweetup the Video

27/12/2009 Off By DavidAllenWizardgold

Had a good time meeting with friends in Liverpool at the Tweetup.

Despite being videoed with other peoples’ cameras while there and it being streamed live to uStream, one person has asked me not to use the video off my camera that I shot with him in it  at the event.

Of course that person has a right to his privacy and I will not be using the video of him or his friend. As for the rest of the footage shot then if you were at the tweetup and want to remain anonymous then send me a message and of course I will not use the video. I am not in the business of upsetting people, not on purpose anyway, so just let me know and anything with you in it will be deleted.

Seemed like a reasonable thing to do, at the time, to take pictures while at the Tweetup seeing as we are all socially networked people and some are podcasters too. I even took it for granted that it was expected seeing as we were put up on uStream, which I personally didn’t have any objection too either.

To contact me and tell me what is your preference with the footage let me know with a email to mac20q AT gmail dot com or post a comment on this Blog post.

Life is too short for worries, problems and unfriendliness so lets keep it all sweet. Mac 20 Questions podcast is for the people that have been featured on the show and for the listeners. Here is wishing you all a good new year for 2010.