Mac Hater

It is a funny thing when you are a Mac user and just expect people to love Mac OSX just as much as you do, in the way that there are only 2 kinds of people in the world – Those that use Macs and those that want to have a Mac. Then I was listening to Buzz out loud and they recently had a guy on there that was actually a Mac and Apple hater. all of the other guests put their cards on the table too, most not being Mac lovers and only one declaring himself as an objective thinker.

I do like to listen to Buzz out loud to get a different view or a more overall view of the computer and tech world though, I think it is good to balance things out if you can. In the same way that if you read a paper like the Daily Telegraph you should look at some news in a left biased news paper too.

It always seemed to me that most Windows users are that way inclined because they don’t know any better. All that is needed is to spend some time using a Mac and they would come away from the dark side. It is what they get shown in school, what they have to suffer in the work place. As I am doing right now, as does Allison Sheridan of the Nosillacast Podcast. It is no wonder that if by chance a Windows user gets the opportunity to use a Mac belonging to a friend or wanders into a Mac Store and tries on out, that there is a good chance that they will be swayed.

Having talked to many people that have switched from Windows to the Mac it comes across clearly that the WOW! factor that you get when using a Mac is something that others are missing. I can still remember in my first weeks as a Mac user going “Ooooh thats cool, I like that.” quite a few times and even now I still have the odd moment when I do something and my Mac behaves in a totally cool way, and I have that WOW! moment again.

Just thinking about it some more I do have a friend living nearby and he is a Mac hater, He will not use Mac products nor use Mac software on his computer, like iTunes or Safari. He is quite typical of the Windows geek though in that he is always fixing the computer. Computers on his table with the innards hanging out and perhaps waiting for some new part to arrive so he can use it again.

It is all part of the fun I suppose to be a part of the Mac community being a happy, productive Mac owner and user, and feeling sorry for the poor saps that have to use Windows. Have to remember though not to be smug about it though because that would piss me off too.


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