Mac20Q Snow Leopard podcast pt 1

I got talking to some people that have differing views regarding what to do regarding Snow Leopard. Ranging from a developer that has been running it prior to Snow Leopard Day Friday 28th of August, to some that are holding back to let other mugs, I mean users try it out first and then jump in once the dust has settled and the patches have been posted to make everything run as it should.

During the day there have been reports on Twitter to say that some applications are not functioning properly on Snow Leopard and also people saying that there is a very noticeable speed increase. There is bound to be one or two issues to sort out but it looks like the developers are working pretty quick to make sure their apps will run on Snowy.

I ordered my family pack of the Operating system as soon as I saw that it was available on Monday but didn’t pay for extra quick postal. This was mainly because I am working until Monday and not likely to be able to get to install Snow Leopard by which time the box could be here and in my hands ready to play with. I did have the thought run through my head that I should go to the local re seller in Girona and get the packet but decided against it, it could have arrived here in the post by then.

I will be upgrading the MacBook in the simplest way and I will do a ‘Nuke and Pave’ with the iMac. there is a lot more work involved with the latter due to have to be extra careful with all of the data and all of my applications. I have got my hands on the application called AppFresh to see what I need to upgrade to the latest version. So that by itself will be a major task. I have to make sure all my email is safe and settings in various application that I use either daily or the now and then apps.

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  1. Love the “Nuke and Pave” term, and plan on stealing it immediately ! 🙂

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