Snow Leopard coming ??

Many of blogs and podcasts are getting into the swing of things with the approaching of the Snow Leopard. There are reports / rumours that the cat will be with us before the end of August even, despite Apple saying that they would put it out in September. I always believe that it is much better to under promise and over deliver, and so bringing forward the release dat would do endless amounts of good for the whole of Apple business. We love the products anyway and to give us Snow Leopard out early  on to of the icing which is the low price is surely the cherry on the top.

I will be getting my hands on Snowy as soon as it is available that’s for sure. On the iMac I will be doing the nuke and pave approach because I want a complete refresh with the new operating system. On the MacBook I will do an upgrade or update. The MacBook is much newer so will be spot on for the quicker and easier upgrade. I want to consolidate the applications I have on the iMac so that is another reason for going the nuke and pave route. I have not been having any problems with the running of the iMac but I think it is a good time to prune dome of the dead wood from the application folder.

Starting fresh will mean that I have to make a list of all the applications I have on the system now and note all of the serial numbers so that I can re install them. I will be doing back ups before I start all of this anyway. I have back ups anyway but I will be doubly sure to back up before going ahead. That will be after doing some maintenance in terms of running the permissions repairs on the hard disk too.

I get the impression from all of the reports so far that we can expect some bit of a speed bump from the software due to the software making the most of the extra cores on the processor and even using the processor on the graphics card. Of course it is still all rumour and hearsay but it is what makes the Apple World go around.

So what are your plans for your Macs’s?

  1. Upgrade
  2. Archive and install
  3. Full erase and install

I can’t see any reasons to not upgrade to Snowy unless you have a Power PC  chip in your Mac. But maybe you have a good reason to not upgrade. Why not tell us about it.