Mac20Q Podcast 110 with co Host Paul Mac Guy Scott

Paul Scott from Las Vegas

I always enjoy the podcasts I do with the co host of the Mac20Q show @PaulMacGuyScott, he is so knowledgable fella where anything Mac is concerned and I learn loads so I am sure the listeners will also get something interesting from the podcast. In this podcast we discuss some of the points from the recent Apple event. Lion and the Appstore for the Mac are topics, especially the App Store seeing as we are both learning to program for the Mac.

Learning to be an Xcoder

Paul is well ahead of me on the curve for learning xCode and Objective C because he has a class to go to and so prior experience of coding, where as I am struggling to assimilate the information from Books. I have the Stephen Kochan book on Objective C which everyone recommends, including the Big Nerd Ranch guy Aaron Hillegas. Aaron also has a book on iPhone programming which I have just ordered from Amazon to accompany the book of his I have already called ‘Cocoa Programming for OSX’. Then I have the book from Erica Sadun ‘The iPhone Developers Cookbook’ which I have not yet got started on. She is well known for her programming skills

Note taking applications

During the chat we cover a number of applications for collection information, Evernote, Jojimbo, MacJournal, Simple Note, Notational Velocity, and why we use more than app of similar capabilities to do what we have to do. I have been using MacJournal to document for myself the progress of learning to become an xCoder, while using Evernote for general note taking. I usual do scripts for the podcasts in Evernote. I like the syncing so that when I go to the Mac Book Pro I have to record the show on, I have the notes available directly on that other computer. I don’t have to even think about it. I use Simple Note and Notation Velocity for the quick one line notes and have the syncing with that also.


Show Sponsor is ScreenFlow

I use ScreenFlow to make my screencasts and it is am amazing application. For me it is the best of the video screen capture applications. it works fast when you are collecting the video and the editing end of things is really intuitive and easy. I like the way you set up transitions and can do the video actions like zooming in to a section to highlight it for the viewer. You can also do mouse actions where you highlight what the mouse is doing. Perhaps to blur out a part you don’t watt and to magnify the section you do want to emphasise.