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Text editors for the iPad

There a lot of text editors for the iPad and many of them do extra things like have an whole synchronisation or back up thing going. Some of them work on the freemium model when you can get the basics for free and just pay for the extra features, like the link into the TextExpander API for example. I recommend to try out a few of the free ones to see if any cover your text writing needs and after that look for recommendations. I like to use EverNote for my main text notes although it does a lot more than that. I will still use SimpleNote for the quick one liners, although I may drift to the PlainText app.

I was using the Simple note app in combination with Notational Velocity but I got a little miffed after buying Simple note that they made a change to the application that they stopped allowing the use of TextExpander unless you pay extra through an in app purchase.

PlainText — Dropbox text editing for iPad & iPhone.png

I came across PlainText because it was mentioned in the Scrivener Mac Application for writers version two, documentation. It syncs up with Scrivener which is going to to be handy to have a good route into the best writers tool out there from the iPad. It works with the text in DropBox so there is a synchronisation there too. Not quite the same as being able to just open up Notational Velocity on my Mac and know that all my text notes will just be there.

Hog Bay Software, the makers of PlainText are giving a discount to the in app purchase you can make to lose the advertising for this month of NaNoWriMo. I have not found the advertising intrusive so far, I might leave it as it is. I do keep trying out new text editors for the iPad when I see new ones coming along.

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  1. I’ve tried quite a few text editors for the iPad now, and I’ve started to become a big fan of writing in Markdown, so I’ve been looking at editors that support a Markdown preview mode. On the mac I like to use Scrivener for big projects and this now syncs with SimpleNote, nvALT supports an excellent Markdown preview mode, syncs with SimpleNote, but its not available on the iPad. Edito looks good for the iPad and so does MarkdownNote. I’m still trying to find my perfect solution though, maybe if the DropBox in app editor supported Markdown?

  2. admin says:

    I looked at Markdown and multi markdown but have not been able to integrate it into my work flow so far. I like Edito although it is a bit limited, maybe a version for multi markdown would be a good idea.

    I am using Scrivener so much now for all of the writing that I am doing lately. I find it amazing that Keith put so many features in there and only charges $45 for it.

    For clipping information I use Evernote a lot, then quick notes it will be Simple Note with Notational Velocity. I have been trying out PlainText too.
    Then if I want to write an outline I will do that with MindNodePro. It is just a better way to think.

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