Mac20Q Podcast 27 Dirk Twiehaus

Click the Picture to hear the Podcast

Click the Picture to hear the Podcast

Dirk was a little concerned before the interview that he was being interviewed in English and his mother tongue is German. He need not have worried seeing as he speaks English brilliantly and we had a super conversation about how he uses his Mac. Always good to hear from people from other countries, we don’t practice xenophobia here on Mac 20 Questions.

He tells me that he like the browser Flock and I have it on my computer here too. It is swwet that it has blogging tools built in. Trails and Houdah Geo are mentioned because of the geotagging possibilities that are available in iPhoto09.

I had never heard of Mellel which Dirk uses as a text editor. I use Textwrangler and Bean in that department.


Finance Software: Prospects
iPhone: Trails
Record/Plan your exercise: TrailRunner
Needs no explantion, an absolute MUST HAVE: 1Password
RAW picture editing: DxO Pro 5
Picture editing part1: Pixelmator
TOP! Picture editing part2: LightZone
Text editor for those who like it easy: Mellel
Geo tagging for all photos: HoudahGeo
the other browser: Flock
THE software, GTD: OmniFocus & OmniFocus iPhone
my blogging tool: MacJournal
better than LitteSnapper?!: Skitch
another MUST HAVE: Evernote

Contact me if you would like to be featured on the Mac 20 Questions Podcast. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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