Mozy online Back up (advert)

So many people don’t bother with backing up their data it is just a crime. Especially when they cry real tears as a hard drive bites the dust. So to that end I have been checking out online storage. Of the solutions I have found one of them stands out because you get 2GB storage for free so there is no cost to try it out and the cost per month if you want to back up more than 2GB is minimal at only $4.95.

If you decide to get the unlimited Mozy then put in the code APRIL to get a 10% discount.

I still think you should have an external disk  with data –  going for the belt and braces approach is the way forward for proper safety. I recommend using Time Machine with Leopard for back up one. Then once a week do a Superduper back up to a separate hard drive, and make it bootable. Then use MOZY as the off site part of the strategy. If anything happens to the physical drives such as theft or fire you will still have peace of mind about your data.

Have a look at the video I have on the page that explains this more.

Or watch video directly here – See iJustine explain it a little too.


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