Starting the week 30th March

Man I have been struggling this morning with Visual Hub, VideoCue and getting a short video made. VideoCue is a teleprompter and I have used it before successfully and for some reason today I could not get it to see my Samson C03U microphone. Sometimes it would then other times it wouldn’t. Then on top of that I was not happy with the export settings and I have been fiddling around with those to get some acceptable quality of the video. Still not as good as I would have liked but maybe I should be getting out the video camera and I know I will win. It will be a good opportunity to try out iMovie 09 then.

In the end I did some restarting of the computer and editing of the export settings in VIdeoCue and then deleted the microphone and then added it back in to get it right. I still ended up with a video that was too large so I then was trying visual hub to convert it and it did not play ball. So eventually I got VideoMonkey to do the job. I also tried Stomp and that was rubbish too. I tell you it can be difficult to get to grips with all of the video codecs that are out there. I truy to stick with H.264 do convert the files to get decent size with decent quality.


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