Mac20Q Podcast 29 Mark Sheppard

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Mark as you can see is a proud Twit. Now us techies know about the This Week in Tech thing but everyone else will think you are a twit and proud of it, if you have a hat with the word TWIT on it. I have listened to quite a few of the Twit podcasts of the Leo Laporte radio show and sort of enjoyed it. This is the show that Leo does and talks to whoever about geekery, and many will be Windows users. While at first it was amusing to hear of all the problems they were having with the virus thing and struggling to get things done with Windows, I got fed up with it and now prefer to listen to MacBreak Weekly. In MBW Leo talks with Andy Inhatko and other Macheads and it is usually entertaining.

I really enjoyed the chat with Mark in this interview, he has a great sense of humour and really enjoys using his Apple hardware. He is a Mac Mini user and also has a black MacBook also. The Mini was bought as a refurb and he has bought other things as refurbs too. I got my MacBook as a refurb too. Mark uses a Logitech mouse and loves the aluminium keyboard as do I.

Mark uses NeoOffice and dooesn’t see the need for iWork for himself. On the iPhone  he recommends Touch Physics. Nice little game to play when you have a few moments to spare.

Like me Mark has never been in an Apple Store. I have to leave the country to go to one while Mark has to drive a long distance to get to one. Good job there is a reseller in the local town.

Mark told me about Oovoo which  is FREE video calling. See up to six friends, family or colleagues at the same time – with video quality that’s like being face-to-face in the same room!

Seems that it is a good app for meeting up and chatting with your mates.

Mark is a SuperDuper user and is not too keen on Time Machine. He makes a SuperDuper back up daily. Mark also uses DropBox for sharing files with friends.

He has a couple of favourite applications iStat Menus and Teleport. I am keen to use teleport myself so that I can control the MacBook from the iMac. Teleport lets you use a single mouse and keyboard to control several Macs.  Simply reach an edge of your screen, and your mouse teleports to your nearby Mac, which also becomes controlled by your keyboard. The pasteboard can be synchronized, and you can even drag & drop files between your Macs.

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  1. Mark Dalton says:

    Great Interview. Helped me solve someone's question over at ScreenCastsOnline.

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