Mac20Q Podcast 46 Cameron Banga

I was really pleased to get an interview with Cameron Banga of College Kid App, which is a team of college student that have begun a project to make an iPhone Application. Seems like a brilliant idea when if you get an app that takes the world by storm off iTunes, you could make a pile of cash.

Here is a FAQ on the lads that are working together to make the application and a here is the  ‘meet the team‘ page

Part of the idea behind the project is to help other people learn how to do it by seeing what steps they have to go through to get to the finish line of having an application to sell. Here’s a list of some of our more important articles.

Of course as per usual we chatted about all things Mac and you will have to listen to the podcast to find out what was talked about. Naturally the conversatioin would gravitate towards the making of iPhone applications a little. I am really looking foward to finding out what they come up with. One of the things we mentioned is the podcast series put out by Stanford the university, it is a set of videos of the actual lessons showing how to make an iPhone Application. Some if not all of the instructors being Apple software engineers. Not bad eh. Here is the  iTunes link so you can get it and make your own iPhone application.

In the ramble I explain some of my grumpiness which was displayed in a few tweets one morning. I got out of the wrong side of the bed and was a cranky geek. GazMaz reckoned that it was appropriate I was listening to John C Dvorak while walking my dog that day.


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