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I was listening to the podcast by Victor Cajiao The Typical Mac User Podcast and he was interviewing the author JC Hutchins. I was a bit miffed because I had beeing trying to get in contact with him to ask if I could interview him for the Writers 20 Questions Podcast and also for Mac 20 Questions. I had heard he is a Mac user and that turns out to be correct. Never mind though because I may still get to talk to him about his 7th Son podcasted story and his new stuff too.

TwittelatorChuck Joiner who has said will be on the Mac 20 Q show soon was talking to the developer of Twitterlator Pro. He sounded very interesting and really excited by his work in progress on the Twitter client for the iPhone.  From the things he was saying could be done with it I decided to get it. I think it was about four Euro, so not a huge pile of cash.

I do already have Tweetie on the iPhone and it was also a paid application but I really need goups and it seems that Twittelator has has sub groups which is that same thing. I did set up a group of my Mac buddies but for some reason it disappeared and I had to start again. I was also struggling to find how I was able to add more Tweeps to the subgroups after the  initial set up. I will have to send in a request if I don’t find the information in the help files.

It does work well in terms of being able to drill down through Twitter, from whatever starting point, a tweep, a tweet or what ever, you can keep going deeper to get a next level of information. Find who is being followed by that person, see his/her tweets, in fact you can keep on going until you find yourself back where you started. Disappear up your own exhaust pipe as it were.

Most definately fuller featured than Tweetie and so far I like it. It just has a longer learning curve that’s all. Not necesarily a steeper curve as it is quite easy to use but longer due to all of the hidden features.

shovebox I got my email in fron the developer of ShoveBox, the software I won off the MacCore podcast. I like it so far, dragging and dropping a selection of text onto the icon in the menu bar is good. I expect there must be a key combination also that I have yet to find that will do the same thing. It would be great if it does do that.

Not having a lot of time to use my Macs at the moment due to working all hours under the sun at the campsite, and having to suffer the indignity of using a shitty Windows box. The keyboard is crap and the only thing that has been interesting is the chance to try out Chrome. Chrome is OK, it does the job.

navskin-contained-greyWhile I was at home at lunch time I rang up my youngest son in Ireland and he was pleased to tell me that he bought a MacBookPro. He got it for a good price from the refurb section on the Apple Store and was also able to get a student discount too. His older brother bought a new MacBookPro last week, the 2.66 Ghz version with the 2 video cards and the SD card slot. Has has been pretty pleased with it so far. The young one Jack will be using the computer to do his art work, using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, an Intuos 3. The older son has his for editing video from his Sony EX1 video camera.

news_touchad20090219It would be great to get my wife on a Mac now. I am working on it, just got her an iPod Touch for her birthday, a 16GB model and I spent some time and money putting on a few games to start with and the next thing will be to put on some applications. I helped her set up the mail so that comes in to her on the iPod, still have another email account that wasn’t so easy to set up. I would recommend to her that a gmail account would be a better idea and then set up the email accounts to forward the incoming mails. Then she would have only one place to look for all of the mail. Easy then to set up the Mail app to sort out where the mail has come from.


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