Mac20Q Podcast 49 James Topping

James Topping
I am loving doing this podcasting because I get to talk to a whole pile of excellent people. In this podcast I was talking with James Topping who lives in Liverpool but has the sense to be an Everton fan. I like blue what can I say??

He tells me what he does with his Macs and about how they get commandeered by his children. Not sure I believe that though, the evidence on his Mac Book Pros suggests he is a TellyTubbies fan.

James is keen to upgrade his computers one by one and has a notion that upgrading in time for Snow Leopard will be a good idea seeing as Snowy will be leaving behind the Power PC users. It had to happen at some point in time. Apple is a forward looking company and will not let itself be hampered by the legacy stuff, in the same way as Microsoft is held back by that sort of backwards compatibility issues.

In my ramble I talk about why I am pleased to have Godaddy onboard as a sponsor. I use the service and have done for a long time so it is the first name on my lips when I am asked about web hosting and domain names. With the installation service of applications like WordPress, Joomla, Wikis, Forums, and things like photo sites it makes it very easy.

The only thing I don’t like is the way they like to up sell you on all of the steps you go through to get to paying for your purchases. Not a problem if you know what you want, although the default option is always no to the upgrades, so you can’t get tricked into buying more. if you want to get hosting and you want my help then let me know and I can guide you through it step by step on Skype or IM.


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