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Mac20Q Podcast 58 Chatting to GazMaz from the UK about him and his Macs – There is no truth in the rumour that he is a fence for stolen iMac’s. It was just a terrible misunderstanding, “Honest officer.”. Get the full story in the podcast. Seriously though Gary had some bad luck there.

I asked him where he comes from and he replied “Cobblers” I said there’s no need to be rude. After that we went on to talk about kinky boots, as you do on such occasions.

Are you trying to stick your finger in my ear?What does a rugby referee tackle with his Mac? All the details in the scrum section of the podcast. The whole family are Mac users and seems that sometimes they have to fight over who gets to use the Mac Book or the Mac Mini. Gary also has a Mac Mini serving up his iTunes on a silver platter. Nice! he was telling me about his MyFi gadget which allows him to share a wifi signal coming in from a mobile network. Sweet gadget and I would really like one too.

Gary podcasts on For Mac Eyes Only with Mike Potter and does a stint now and the on IMP podcast. He even reviews applications for The Mac Reviewcast. I sent in another review of a podcast for that yesterday also.

It was through a recommendation from Gary that I got my hands on Hazel which is a super tool for keeping designated folders in order. If a file gets put in my downloads folder it is moved automatically to the pictures folder. You can set up a number of rules to take care of different types of files. Handy too that new files get a blue label to make them easier to find.

In the podcast I read an email from a listener in Scotland that had a terrible time with upgrading to Snow Leopard. Ended up being a hardware problem and she decided to get a new MacBookPro. Good excuse is what I say to get some new hardware.

The extra music for the  podcast is by Louis Vig a track called ‘Can You Feel It’ You can find his work at

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