Mac20Q Podcast 59 Giles Thurston

Had a great chat with Giles, he is an IT professional and is fairly new to the Mac. I was able to pass on a tip to him during the interview regards using the trackpad on his MacBook. He is into content management systems with his work and will recommend Expression Engine as a good CMS. My knowledge of CMS’s stops at Joomla and I am quite happy to stay with WordPress for my content. I am tempted though to try out Expression Engine although I think I prefer the openness of the WordPress platform.

I am testing out Transmit the ftp application and it worked well enough for me today to upload the podcast to the server. I would like to look into what I could do with it in terms of the Automator that is built into the system.

What I want to do is to have a .mov file split into two tracks converted by an application that will do that job. Then those two .mov file to be converted to AIFF format for me. Possibly for them both to be opened up next to each other in AmadeusPro. Possibly have the resulting file saved as an AIFF that can then be sent to Levelator. It will be then ready for me to edit before I make it into a podcast.
It could be quite nice too, to have the podcast converted to an .mp3 and uploaded to the server ready to be distributed. I am not being lazy, honest – just looking to streamline my podcasting work flow.

You will enjoy the interview with Giles, an extremely nice guy who has a five month old son. He will have to work out how to protect his computers from sticky fingers soon enough. Good luck Giles.

Have you got your own Domain name yet? If not then go to Godaddy and get it there. As a gift from me you can have a 10% discount if you put in the code POD146 when you get to the check out. Yes they are sponsors of the show but I recommend Godaddy because that is where this podcast is hosted and where I buy all my domains.

I am thinking about making a documentary about tattoos and tattooed people. I have no tattoos myself but I do like to see good examples of the art form. I also cringe when I see some horrors permanently etched on skin. I think there are a few stories to tell about the art, the people and the process. So if you have one, please contact me with the contact form below and lets talk.


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