Mac20Q Podcast 91 Steve Garfield

Steve Garfield is the author of the book – Get Seen: Online Video Secrets he has been doing video online since 2004, which would make him one of the first video bloggers out there. This was before YouTube came into existence so it was really cutting edge stuff. Obviously he was in an area with reasonable internet speeds.
Steve is the founder of the Boston Media Makers and has his own web site too, of course.

Only natural that with having so much experience with putting video online that he would be asked to write a book about it and that is how Get Seen: Online Video Secrets came about.

Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business (New Rules Social Media Series)

In the book Steve talks about what cameras to get depending on what you plan to do. He agrees with me that audio is very important for video but at the same time believes that you should use what ever you have to hand. he loves the iPhone for that where he can take some video and have it online via QIK straightaway.

Despite having some expensive mics and cameras he will often be getting in there and getting the immediate results with much cheaper equipment like the Flip cameras