Belkin pleated Sleeve for the iPad

Belkin Pleated sleeve iPad caseWe have to start with looking after the iPad and Belkin always make good products and they have iPad sleeves and iPad 2 sleeves. Here is their Pleated sleeve type case which is available in black. The iPad slides into the case really easy and keeps your iPad safe Belkin F8N277tt Pleated Sleeve for iPad – Black

As we know the iPad has the glass on the front of it so needs to have some protection. The good thing about this case is that the pleated design expands to fit you iPad and your accessories too. So it will still be fairly compact once you have put some extras in there.

The iPad 2 sleeve is made of the wet suit material neoprene and can be kept clean with mild soap and water. It has a soft lining and a secure closure.

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