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Click the Picture to listen to the podcast

Click the Picture to listen to the podcast

Steve Carty as in Party but with a C. I had a great talk with Steve about how he uses his Macs and about photography, seeing as he is a photographer. He is well know in Canada and has spent time working other places such as New York. Obviously more detail in the podcast.

Steve is running a Mac with 2 GB of memory and  from what he tells me about the applications he uses,  he needs to get 4GB in there.  Photoshop along with a good few other apps all at once means that he will notice a huge difference when he has the 4GB.

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Using the social media networks such as Twitter, Flickr and the video network of Qik to get the word out there about his photographic work Steve is branding himself and his business, which is a vital thing to do if you are aiming for world domination of your industry. He will let his followers know when he is going to do a shoot through Twitter and then film some of the process and broadcast it directly through Quick. Steve also gets videos up on YouTube of course.

Steve recommends looking at the work of Jalani Morgan photographer, and Javier Lovera.

Also, Buy the book “POSITIVES” 140 page full colour coffee table book.  produced using FSC certified ethically produced paper.  printed in Canada. Download the pdf for details.

CS3 is the preferred software for the photography and he says he may upgrade to CS4 at some point. I was surprised that he doesn’t use either Aperture or Lightroom for sorting out his images, preferring to use Bridge which comes with CS3.

I talk with Steve about the photography business and how it is changing, the effects of events such as the World Trade Center event and the effects of the Micro Stock photography model on traditional photographers. He tells me about the Speck model of selling photos to magazines. I kind of wonder how it is all going to turn out with the down turn in the advertising due to the Worldwide financial crisis. Surely anyone that can keep a business going in these trying times deserves to be successful.

Steve Carty will be amongst the winners as evidenced by his ebullience and go get ’em attitude to making his photography business work. Personally I really enjoyed my conversation with him and I know you will too. Enjoy the podcast.

Please leave me a comment in the comment section of the post. I am really looking forward to hearing from you. I want to know what you have to say about Photography and the Mac.

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