Microsoft Office on iPad

Will there be a Microsoft Office on iPad?

What it is that you intend to do with the device, as in, what is an iPad used for, will also determine whether you should wait for the latest and greatest. Often times it is the case that you certainly have to just go out and buy, whatever sort of computer you need at the time, just so that you can get that important job done when you need to do it. For example, if you are in a situation where you need to create documents that for printing or are for distribution electronically to colleagues and you are using the iPad in business, as a new user, you might be thinking Microsoft Office on iPad. This is a common notion to those coming across from the PC world and it shouldn’t take you long to work out, that as yet there is no Microsoft Office on iPad. You don’t need to worry, because there are many other better alternatives. Obviously the first port of call will be to check out the free applications that are available there are a available, of gratis apps iPad and quite often you will find something that will suit your purpose without you having to spend any money. Another route to take, would be to get yourself copies of Pages, Keynote and Numbers, which are the Apple office applications and do actually work very well on the iPad, as you would expect.

Open Office iPad, Any Chance?

Openoffice iPad

Another application that you might be tempted to look at for the iPad would be Open Office iPad. I have just been checking out the open and there is not much word on the site about there being an Openoffice iPad application, forthcoming any time soon. That’s the thing with open source software, it really all depends upon the willingness of the developers,that are doing it for the love of it. Those users of the application called Scrivener, that is available as both a Windows application and also is a Mac app, will be delighted to hear that the developer has recently stated his intention to create Scrivener for iPad. I know that for sure, as soon as Scrivener for iPad is available I will be buying it.

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iMage Tools

What Do You Use Instead of OpenOffice iPad?

There is an application called Office² HD which will give you an equivalent to Microsoft Office on iPad or Open Office iPad, it has the word processing and the spreadsheet and of course a presentation application. It does have the advantage of only costing £5.49 in the Apple iPad store. the office applications from Apple such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote are all very inexpensive, but do cost more than Office² HD. It kind of depends upon your needs for working with office documents, but at that price it is certainly worth a try. The application handles all of the files that you would expect to be handled by Microsoft Office on iPad.

Other Office Productivity Applications for iPad

There Is Documents to Go Premium which may be okay, although some users have claimed it is somewhat buggy. That one comes out at $17 to buy and I think I would be more likely to stick with the Apple products. You may also have a look at Quick Office Pro HD, which also does the usual sorts of things that you would expect from a suite of office applications.

Text editing or Wordprocessing on the iPad

Microsoft Office on iPad

When it comes to word processing, I am of the opinion that while working on the iPad, all you need for creating great looking documents is the application Pages. On the other hand though if you are just working with text, do you really need an application that is for laying out a page. If you are dealing with just text then surely you would be far better using a lean and mean text editor, of which there are plenty to choose from. I have a number of text editors on my iPad and my favourites would be SimpleNote, NebulousNotes, ThinkBook, Plain Text and Magical Pad. These notetaking applications don’t all work in the same way, which is why I have a variety of text based note applications to choose from.

SimpleNote is useful for concentrating on just getting in the text and the good thing about text, is that it is universal. Text can be pushed out to all sorts of applications for use after creation. ThinkBook is different in the way that it works, in that it works very much like an outlining tool. This is very good for entering text broadly and adding the meat and potatoes of the idea to the headlines that you start with. In some ways it is kind of like a more text based mind map application. It is really easy to take a section of text and move it within the whole document. You can do it by sliding sections of text to the right side of the page moving the arrow and sliding the text back where you want it. It is without a doubt, a very innovative piece of software.

Synchronisation of text between apps and platforms

Quite a few of these applications realise that the text that you create are destined to be used in other places, and you can copy and paste to other applications on your iPad. Then there is the synchronisation available with either Dropbox or synchronisation methods that are built-in to the application and synchronise via web servers.

Scrivener for iPad

As a writer that creates a large number of documents and thousands of words for articles, I do like the workflow where are I concentrate on simple text that can be used wherever I wish. I might take the words and put them into Scrivener or Textmate on my Mac, where I will be getting them ready to put into Marsedit in order to publish on my blogs. So if you were to ask me, whether I am likely to use applications such as OpenOffice iPad, then I will most likely say no, as I don’t think it is the most efficient way to work. There are the Apple office applications that I do have available to me on the iPad, but I only use infrequently. Never once, have I thought that I need Microsoft Office on iPad. One more question – When does the new iPad come out?

When does the new iPad come out

It is about this time of year when all of the Apple pundits and Apple fan boys are asking the question – When does the new iPad come out? I did hear yesterday that somebody that is not a geek or an Apple fan has just bought themselves an iPad. Generally people tend to know that at this time of year it is best to wait at least until March for the latest version. The iPad version 2, in any case is an excellent machine and the new user of the iPad will be able to download a number of the gratis apps iPad and have very good use from the device.


When Does the New iPad Come out?

If you listen to more than one of the numerous podcasts for the Mac available, it will not take long before you get fed up of listing to the Apple fan boys discussing the rumours that surround any Apple products. Of course in January and February, of any year and sometimes all year around, there will be the iPad rumours about when does the new iPad come out and what the device will be including in the specifications. In the latest iPad rumours that are circulating at present there is the Retina Display which will give a higher resolution view to the iPad. There is also talk about there being a quad core processor included and faster is always better, of course. Many are predicting that there will be better cameras included, my goodness the iPad really does really need better cameras, for sure.